Red Ass

Dear Gentle Readers, I completed my radiation treatment for prostate cancer this past Monday. WooHoo! Last week, I kidded the techs about getting a graduation certificate. So they made one up for me.

Yesterday, Bacall remarked how red my ass was. One of the downsides of getting older is that you lose the ability to twist around and inspect your dorsal side.

I am sure this lass can check out her hiney without pulling any muscles that no longer wish to stretched.

But, I can’t. So I  found a hand mirror and used it to see my reflection in a full length mirror. My ass is red. It looks like I got a first rate paddling. I will spare you that sight.

Bacall has been especially sassy the last week. Probably because she got revved up when her BF came to see her and they stayed up half the night drinking wine. Those two have consumed vast quantities of wine over the last 40 years.

Anyway, I told her I was going to paddle her after breakfast. She brought me her paddle and I put it to good use. So I thought. She had some smart ass remark after she got up. The girl can’t help it.  So I bent back over my lap, pulled her panties done and gave her what for.  Mission accomplished. Heck, she might even be contrite today, but I doubt it. It made me feel good.

Think of being on a beach with warm water chatting with new friends

Another girl who could not help it.


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