Photographs of Women Being Spanked

For Openers

Did she wake you up?

This image was on Richard Windsor’s blog recently. It perfectly captures my memory of spankings I gave some gals after school in their homes. As this one is doing, they all vigorously protested the indignity.

Wearing shorts under a skirt was common at my HS. The skirt came off after the final bell.

The agony and suffering of being spanked

Typical of commercial shoots. Cute girl wiggling over his leg. The set is third-rate. Electric wire over plaster marks it as British. The guy is well, he is not Robert Redford is he? More cute girls than guys in the commercial world.

Simply Exquisite

Another image that brings memories to mind

The state of pixieish

51 days until Spring

From the Divine Miss E


This is a note she sent to a mutual friend telling about her recent adventure at our home.

Hi- a little spankee update- I may have to run and finish getting the kids to bed.

Our little adventure started in the beautiful sitting room. Bacall and I sat together on a loveseat and Bogey settled himself across from us. He thought he would issue a stiff lecture but Bacall and I acted so badly, he gave up. He then went and got a cane and told me to get myself into the bedroom. (the BR was through a large open doorway). I hemmed and hawed, but did go finally after Bacall said I better watch out he might lay one across my thighs right there.

Once there, I advised him he might want to draw the curtains- while he turned to do that, I made tracks back to the sitting room for more giggles with Bacall.

That escape turned up his thermostat a notch. He told me to get right back in there; that if he had to come and get me, I would regret it; so I did. Then he asked me if I was still refusing to prepare myself for punishment (I had emailed him that I would not raise my skirt). I wouldn’t look at him and said I had no intention. He sat down on the loveseat at the end of the bed, pulled me over, raised my skirt, and proceeded to give me a few cuts of the cane. It hurt pretty sharply but wasn’t too bad. Kind of “ow–ow–ow!”.

After he let me up, he sat on the edge of the bed and motioned for me to go across his lap. Of course I wouldn’t do it.

Big Mistake. He got up and proceeded to unbuckle my kilt and remove it. Then he put me across the bed and took my panties all the way down while spanking me with his hand. All the while berating me for my defiance.

Then he picked up one of the paddles. At that point, I told him to eat shit. Bacall was laughing at me from the other room and I told her to eat shit too. Big Mistake #2.

Bogey proceeded to wear me out with the paddle. When he let me up, he called Bacall in to deal with her. He put her across the bed and proceeded to spank her bottom with the leather paddle. I jumped and winced every time he hit her.

Then he put me back across the bed beside Bacall. I was terrified, but Bacall and I got the giggles again in the worst way. This levity did not go over well, and Bogey paddled us both until we were more serious. He worked up quite a sweat!

I loved playing with Bacall- even at the worst moments we had fun exchanging looks and grins (or grimaces!).

Cop City

Atlanta is about a 2 hour drive from here. When I traveled, I spent 1 to 3 weeks there every month. So I know a bit about the over-peopled and frenetic city.

When this story broke a week or so back, I thought this does not sound at all like Atlanta. After reading an article I know why. The Jerk Offs “Forest Defenders”  are not from Atlanta. They come from all over this country. They share one thing in common, they come from a privileged background.

The old saw says, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. That was true a hundred years ago before cover design was emerged. I looked up the faces of some of these folks. You tell me if they are your kind of people.

Maine millionaires son

Graduate of $82,000-a-year college in Claremont, Calif

Nevada native is a clarinetist who performed with orchestras up and down the West Coast

Native of Gross Isle, Mich. had a high-ranking role in Al Gore’s “Climate Reality Project” organization, which served as her gateway drug to eco-extremism and vegan activism.

She grew up in a wealthy suburb of Portland, Ore.  went to tony — and far-left — Oberlin College where she “studied archaeological studies with a focus on decolonization.” She’s now a “trans nonbinary activist,” which means she’s a chick with armpit hair who goes by “Henri” (because when you’re high-class, why not choose a French name to transition to?).

I wonder if they were recruited for this mission?

Here is the article:

Atlanta Terrorists Are Children of Privilege

I finished this post Thursday morning. Friday morning I read:

Gov. Brian Kemp declared a temporary state of emergency in Georgia on Thursday and activated 1,000 Georgia National Guard troops in response to recent anti-police protests and destructive riots in Atlanta.

Kemp’s order referenced protests and riots that occurred on Saturday, which had stemmed from ongoing demonstrations against a police training facility the city is building in a wooded area of metro Atlanta.

“Cop City” is SE of the city inside the 459 beltway and will be on 150 acres of city-owned property, the site of a former prison farm that is now dominated by invasive vegetation and trash. So not so much forest.

Atlanta official said police on Saturday arrested six individuals after some of the protesters had turned violent and broken businesses’ windows and attacked police cruisers.

Kemp said “These individuals are members of a broader network of militant activists who have committed similar acts of domestic terrorism and intimidation across the country with no regard for the people or communities impacted by their crimes.”

Everyday, there is a senseless murder. About every week some deranged wack job kills several people. Now we have a network of militants engaged in terrorism in several places across the country.

Is something like the French Revolution coming? I am serious. With the radical left and the insanity of the ultra right, along with funding from the likes of Soros are we on a one-way ride to total chaos?

With all this going on don’t you feel safe with the leaders we elected?

In other “news”. Some kind of joke.

There is newly released “Satanic Golden Medusa” statue honoring the late Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The eight-foot statue depicts a naked woman with golden horn-like braids and arms resembling tentacles on her sides. The sculpted woman wears a beaded collar on her neck and stands on the roof of the state courthouse in New York City’s Flatiron district.

I sure RBJ  would feel honored.

I plan to watch the Frontline show ‘Putin and the Presidents’  next Tuesday. I may learn something.


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I have had three reports from folks reporting problems in attempting to make comments. If three folks speak up, that means there are many more experiencing problems. I am aware that other blogs are experiencing like problems.

Comment Moderation

I have turned it off. I THINK it will now allow anonymous comments. Maybe that will rectify the problem? We will see how that works. I would appreciate it you comment anonymously to sign it with a name you wish to be known as.


Make a comment. Nothing to say? Tell us your dogs name. Your fav letter of the alphabet. Whatever.

Red Ass

Dear Gentle Readers, I completed my radiation treatment for prostate cancer this past Monday. WooHoo! Last week, I kidded the techs about getting a graduation certificate. So they made one up for me.

Yesterday, Bacall remarked how red my ass was. One of the downsides of getting older is that you lose the ability to twist around and inspect your dorsal side.

I am sure this lass can check out her hiney without pulling any muscles that no longer wish to stretched.

But, I can’t. So I  found a hand mirror and used it to see my reflection in a full length mirror. My ass is red. It looks like I got a first rate paddling. I will spare you that sight.

Bacall has been especially sassy the last week. Probably because she got revved up when her BF came to see her and they stayed up half the night drinking wine. Those two have consumed vast quantities of wine over the last 40 years.

Anyway, I told her I was going to paddle her after breakfast. She brought me her paddle and I put it to good use. So I thought. She had some smart ass remark after she got up. The girl can’t help it.  So I bent back over my lap, pulled her panties done and gave her what for.  Mission accomplished. Heck, she might even be contrite today, but I doubt it. It made me feel good.

Think of being on a beach with warm water chatting with new friends

Another girl who could not help it.


Ni Hao

Ni Hao, Hola, Aloha, Shalom

USA Today cautions  such words are “culturally sensitive” and their use could “come off as mockery.”

When will this nonsense stop?

10 Things That Interest or Revolt me


I could bash Biden, but what good would it do? He is a dim bulb, incompetent and corrupt. Biden has a life-long problem with lying. And that is exactly what Delaware voters wanted for 30 years. Now a majority of voters support him. Who are the real dim bulbs?

He ordered a bacon cheeseburger from a local restaurant this week to celebrate over 10 million new small business applications during him presidency. Yeah, Right.

I thought Obama was bad, we went downhill from him to Trump. And now we have a doddering old fool. Are we in the basement yet?

One the locations classified docs were found is being called his Think Tank. Get it?

2024 Already

“DeSantis currently matches or beats Trump head to head in many national polls, Trumpworld predicts the Florida governor will fizzle as former Vice President Mike Pence, Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Tim Scott (R-SC), former CIA Director and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley, and others jump into the race.”

“The die-hard MAGA supporters won’t vote for anyone but Trump. Everyone else who gets in dilutes support for DeSantis”.

Same thing that happened in 2016. Trump rolled over all competition.

While my number one choice remains to draft Mike Rowe so we can have Opera and Barbershop in the WH, DeSantis seems a decent choice. If not him, then Pompeo, a man most have never heard. Or better Tom Cotton.


Some pin stripes at State have advanced the argument that the prospect of Ukraine joining NATO was  justification for Putin to invade Ukraine. I reject that argument. I am not aware of any NATO member being a threat to Russia.

MOSCOW (Reuters) -An ally of President Vladimir Putin warned NATO on Thursday that a defeat of Russia in Ukraine could trigger a nuclear war, while the head of the Russian Orthodox Church said the world would end if the West tried to destroy Russia.

Reverse Aging

To test the theory in mammals, the team genetically engineered a mouse strain that, when given a particular drug, makes an enzyme that cuts their DNA at 20 sites in the genome, which are then faithfully repaired. The mice ended up with an epigenetic signature more like that of older animals, and their health deteriorated. Within weeks, they lost hair and pigment; within months, they showed multiple signs of frailty and tissue aging.

To see whether the epigenetic degradation was reversible, the researchers injected some of these elderly seeming mice with AAVs carrying OSK genes, which Sinclair’s group recently reported could reverse loss of vision in aging rodents. Analyses of the mice’s muscles, kidneys, and retinas suggest the cocktail reversed some of the epigenetic changes induced by the DNA breaks. The findings point to a way to drive an animal’s age “forwards and backwards at will,” Sinclair says, and support the idea of epigenome-targeting treatments for aging in humans.

I Have Chemo Brain

I have been taking a drug [It’s labeled toxic in red letters] for Leukemia for four months. I have noticed my memory is fading faster than usual. Bacall diagnosed me this week. I told someone a humorous story about a friend from our distant past last week. This week Bacall mentioned his name and I drew a blank. I asked her several questions before I was able to know who the person was. Chemo brain.

Our Age of Absurdity – Are You Tired of the Daily Yammer from Queers?

A Trans Lutheran Pastor Says Trans People Are Divine and Transphobia Is A Sin. I say they are delusional. Imaging you are the opposite sex is fine with me, but shut the fuck up about it.

There are trans dudes who are freezing tomato juice to help them mimic period symptoms. Jeffrey Marsh has become the latest man to reveal he has been paid to advertise tampons (believed to be Tampax).

This ridiculous charade is alike that there’s no gambling at Rick’s.

It’s Not Even Mardi Gras

A Minnesota state House member who is in her 2nd term is claiming that “not all students who menstruate are female”.


Look how the blue lines at the right of the graph are twice as long s prior years. If you increase spending at this rate, you create excess demand and you get inflation. When you put on the brakes by increasing the interest rate you get a recession. Hold tight.

What to do? You might want to cut spending to minimize inflation. You look at the budget and see that 70% of it is mandatory. Only 30% is discretionary and 14% of that is military which is underfunded due to wearing out hardware in 20 years of war, abandoning equipment in Afghanistan (estimated at 85 billion) , and supplying arms to Ukraine.

Whatta you gonna do?

Extinct animals could be brought back from the dead

Scientists are getting ever closer to being able to bring long-lost species back from the dead. Turns out they have several well preserved Tasmanian Devils to extract DNA.  And the habit they lived in remains the same. If a breeding program proves successful, perhaps we could get a few to release in Dem cities?


Victorian Times

Victorian Governesses were notorious for their sadistic creativity in corrections. Spanking, slippering, canes, birches, tawses were applied liberally, while the use of other types of domestic punishments like figging, enemas, chastity, dunce caps, and line writing, corner time, time outs were popular too.

Who blew up Nord Stream 2?

Pres. Biden: “If Russia invades…then there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it.”
Reporter: “But how will you do that, exactly, since…the project is in Germany’s control?”
Biden: “I promise you, we will be able to do that.”

Al Gore is doing quite well

Warning the world that it is on the brink of disaster has been lucrative for Al Gore.

His wild prediction at Davos that Earth faces ‘rain bombs’ and ‘boiling oceans’ is just his latest in decades of climate alarmism.

At the same time, the former VP has been at the forefront of green technology investment that has seen his wealth balloon to an estimated $330 million.

The mission statement of the investment firm, where Gore collects $2 million in a monthly salary, is to back companies that are making strides towards going green. The firm is worth around $36 billion.

More Charts

51% overall agree – 68% of Republicans agree

35% Overall agree – 16% of Republicans agree
39% Overall agree – 26% of Republicans agree
The definition of fascism is state control of privately owned concerns.  The definition of socialism is state owned. 55% of Democrats want socialism. And half of those surveyed think we are on the road to socialism.

Bend Over for the Paddle

Several months ago, for no reason that I could imagine, eyeballs for OBB suddenly dropped by 2/3. This week for no apparent reason eyeballs doubled.

For Openers

Cropped for sensors


Bacall and I think the London Tanner paddle, second from the left, is a delight.

Adrienne is about to get what she wants and will get paid for it.

Way beyond what I like

Paddled Together

Oh Yeah!




Hump Day

We have had some cold weather, then rain, and now gray skies for the next ten days. I suppose it will be March before we see the sun ball again.

Maybe these photos of cute young women will give you the boost to get up and do what needs to be done.

There is a link in the panel to the left to the OBB Bdsmlr site. Some content there that would not be permitted here.

Warning Texas Shit Kicking Music. While Delbert McClinton no longer tours, I still get a kick out listening to his material. This humorous one goes back a few years. Lone Star Blues