Some of this and that

Cleaning a folder out, two images actually depict spanking.

You ever dream about spanking Olivia Newton-John?

Around 1981, I had a photo of this team behind my desk. The whole team was bent over. There were men and women coming in my office all during the day. I don’t recall anyone even remarking on the photo. Different times.

Part of a Czech girls 18th birthday party

If you remember Ed spanking Eve, you are old

If you remember photos like this, you are even older

My kind of gal

When I see something like this my palm cups. Levi Strauss had no idea how popular his utility pants would become.

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  1. Hoping you have lots more folders to clean out…
    I doubt Mr. Strauss much imagined his pants adorning the feminine derriere, especially one so lovely as Ms. Hathaway’s

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