5 thoughts on “Flashing”

  1. Love #3 (Marci Gras?) and #6 (public swats) the best!

    #3 – I was in New Orleans in my early twenties before Katrina. It was so raucous! I got A LOT of beads! It turned me on having to lift my top and flash the older men standing on the balcony above to earn my bead necklaces! OMG. Imagine having your bf or husband “turn you out” like in your little gif to earn worthless beads for him.

    #6 – a nice way for a man to assert his dominance over you in a public place, and for you to assert your submissiveness to him, more crucially.

    1. It does look like Madi Gras. Outrageous behavior and the several lamp poles. You can get arrested for flashing now. On the street and especially on the balconies. One warning, then handcuffs.

  2. I’m sure there were more pics… it’s just that I had an impossible time getting past the first one. Oh-my-goodness what a spankable bottom!

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