Bacall’s 50th Birthday

Butt Stuff posted this drawing and it reminded me of Bacall’s birthday some years back.

We had a spanking party scheduled and it also happened to be on my birthday.  I had cake and of course, fun gifts.  The normal spankings occurred.  But then a spanker took my hand and led me to a room. Oops, there was another guy in there also. They told me that they would give me my birthday spanking, but I had the count them.

So it begins with me between the two spankers.  I start counting: 1, 2, 3, 4 and I was stopped.  No, they said, count this way 1, 1, 2, 2 etc.  I got the giggles which only increased the intensity of the pops.  I was not 20 years old – it was going to be a lot of pops.  And, I couldn’t stop giggling and they didn’t stop spanking.

Finally I had decided that I had celebrated long enough.  I put my hands between the legs of each spanker and told them if they didn’t hurt me, I wouldn’t hurt them.  They were shocked, but not as much as I was that I would do that.

Great birthday!

I recall her telling me about the double spanking, but not the way she ended it. Goes with another tale of her OTK and she grabs his leg hair and says “We are not going to hurt each other are we?” You can’t get up early enough to out wit her.


2 thoughts on “Bacall’s 50th Birthday”

  1. Cute story but I love the drawing even more. Brought back memories. I’ve found myself seated across from another guy with a woman over both our laps on several occasions. Always enjoyed that. I’m fact I’ve found myself in that position across two female laps as well.
    I can recall one particular birthday spanking where I had to count but it went more like. 1-1, then 2,2-2,2, then 3,3,3-3,3,3 By the time they got to 29 it had to be in the hundreds.
    But we’ll worth the effort.

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