A Moment With The Divine Miss E

It’s been a while since we heard from Miss E. Travel back to 1999 and read a few lines she wrote.

Tue Feb 02 19:19:59 1999
I love to muse on how delicious it is to hear your stern voice upbraiding me, knowing what will come next. The emotional struggle to
make myself raise my skirt. The terrible feeling of helplessness when you ease down my panties. The impending doom as I await the first
blow. Trying to not show how much it hurts, but finally having to beg you to stop. And just being OTK. The pressure of your left hand on the
small of my back, pinning me down. I know I can’t get away until you let me. The emotion in your voice as you spank me harder. Feeling so
exposed and powerless. Seeing you reach for another paddle, to start again. Arousal. Fear. Wishing for an even more intimate punishment. I miss you. I need you.

Tue Feb 09 20:22:27 1999
But promise me that you won’t cane me. I just couldn’t stand worrying about it.

And just why the hell does that amuse you so? I meant it! When I thought for those couple of hours that the hour of my doom had been moved up 2 months, I was feeling quite panicky. I realized I DON’T want to be caned. It would scare the bejesus out of me just to see you with it in your hand. As you have so kindly pointed out, I am not a pain slut. Next thing I know, you’ll be calling me up and hitting a pillow with it in the background just to give me the
jitters. The worst thing is, I know how evil you are. I know you wouldn’t feel you had done your duty just to tap me a time or two for effect. Ever since you stood me up against that wall and laid into me, I’m a little leary of your desire for authenticity!
So promise me! Or else!

Tue Feb 09 20:48:02 1999

<< We will have to tie one on in BR. >>
I wouldn’t DARE get drunk around you. I am an extemely amorous drunk and lose
what few inhibitions I possess. I’d turn into Trailer Trash Wanda the Wonderous Cock Sucker in two minutes flat. NOT a pretty sight. Trust me. You really wouldn’t enjoy seeing me leap out of my chair and do the Watusi while
singing at the top of my lungs. Been there, done that. Dancing on tables, my specialty.
Now understand, I don’t fear that you would take advantage of me; it’s just that your virtue wouldn’t have a chance.

2 thoughts on “A Moment With The Divine Miss E”

  1. “It’s just that your virtue wouldn’t have a chance…”
    I’m ‘sorta thinking my virtue wouldn’t have minded so much… 🙂

    1. She was randy after a G&T and would attack after two. I am enjoying reading her notes after 20+ years. Her mind expanded her feelings more than I did. And that is what I hope her notes show.

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