Percussive Arts

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I have always puzzled about the Brits and their Plimsolls. I am reliably informed by a lass I know that a plimsoll with a hard rubber sole is a very effective implement for spanking. I often have to bend over like this for a quick slippering, which stings like nothing on earth and my bottom is glowing warm for hours afterwards.

Not a great picture, but it speaks to me that she is most willing participant and sets it apart from the usual punishment scenes.

Another one that says I am dressed and here for a spanking.

I would have paid attention in class if this had occurred.

Is the strap for her or you? You decide.

Someone, anyone, please explain this to me. It appears to be from a film.

3 thoughts on “Percussive Arts”

  1. I can’t tell if in the last pic, he spanked her… or goosed her! Seems like she was expecting one, and got the other?

  2. That’s a funny movie to ask about. That’s Jessica Alba being spanked in a terrible teen horror movie called Idle Hands. His hand is possessed and trying to attack anything around it, but it gets him into bed in this scene. Later he cuts it off and it runs around the school and murders a bunch of kids and comes within inches of crushing Jessica Alba with a car while she’s in her underwear. Not recommended, but a few of the fun clips are posted various places.

    The Killer Inside Me has some much hotter scenes of Jessica Alba being spanked. Her character eventually suffers a lot of violence that is hard to watch.

    Both movies portray spanking as deviant and a violent impulse that women can only misbehave to get, rather than know how to ask for.

    1. Thanks for clearing it up for me. A possessed hand does make sense of the scene. Both films seem over violent. I prefer sassy to misbehavior to “earn” a spanking.

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