A Note From the Divine Miss E

I got a shot yesterday and my ass is sore. It suppresses estrogen to entice my prostate to quit growing and perhaps shrink. Five hours after the shot I felt like a mule had kicked me and my right leg was partially paralyzed.

From Tendril@xxxx.com Sat Dec 19 00:47:30 1998

Dear D:

My friend Susan is intrigued by the spanking scene and my adventures. I told her she would enjoy meeting you because you are so witty and urbane and have such beautiful manners.

She said that she would love to, but I don’t think it
would be such a good idea. It would be just like YOU to ask her if she wanted to watch me get my bottom tanned; and it would be just like HER to accept with glee! I’m sure MY vote wouldn’t count.

In fact, she says that you need to take particular care to spank me hard enough to get xbf off my mind. (With friends like mine, I don’t need enemies.)

I am going over to his house Monday night to work on some pictures he’s scanned in for me and Susan strictly forbid me to touch or tease the little stud muffin. However, I say that if he touches me first, then all bets are off! I am such a bad girl, it makes me giggle.

Have a great weekend- E


Big mistake that I never asked to spank Susan. What a bubble butt.

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  1. Miss E was a bit of a scamp… in a good way, wasn’t she?
    Hope the leg gets better, that’s the sort of thing which could leave a ‘fella walking in circles…

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