Spanked, Paddled and Caned

I wish I could offer you titillating prose, but I was never much good at that and any skill I might have once had is now gone. Do you know of any spanking sites that are titillating? I don’t. Most are not stimulating to me. Kinda like reading the free papers in a supermarket. Heck, the most popular sites have never posted a picture of a spanking.

I don’t have any pictures of fruits or vegetables that look like bottoms for you. No verses or songs either. Just a Baker’s Dozen of delectable female bottoms. It will have to do.  May  you  be  titillated.

How many times have I seen this? Being of the too much is not enough school of thought. Not enough. I dream of time travel back to my 30’s.

At this moment, with her panties down, and her luscious orbs exposed, we have entered the extreme anticipation zone. This may be our first meeting. We have talked about this for some weeks. She may have driven several hours to stand right here. It would not be good to rush the moment. Once the first lick strikes a new zone will be entered.

I was never one to do this, but I like the picture.

Talk about enthusiasm

Who would have the heart to paddle this adorable pixie? I could not deny her.

More enthusiasm at a party

Oh My, Dani has a most spankable bottom

Our last home was on three levels. I enjoyed watching them do this on the way to bed.

Will wide belts make a come back?

Substandard housing, but a delightfully spanked bottom.

A wedgie spanking

Hope you enjoyed the fare. Have a good one!

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  1. You really need to stop posting these long-haired brunettes who are wearing nothing but long sleeved shirts. I can’t get any work done.

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