A Note From the Divine Miss E

I got a shot yesterday and my ass is sore. It suppresses estrogen to entice my prostate to quit growing and perhaps shrink. Five hours after the shot I felt like a mule had kicked me and my right leg was partially paralyzed.

From Tendril@xxxx.com Sat Dec 19 00:47:30 1998

Dear D:

My friend Susan is intrigued by the spanking scene and my adventures. I told her she would enjoy meeting you because you are so witty and urbane and have such beautiful manners.

She said that she would love to, but I don’t think it
would be such a good idea. It would be just like YOU to ask her if she wanted to watch me get my bottom tanned; and it would be just like HER to accept with glee! I’m sure MY vote wouldn’t count.

In fact, she says that you need to take particular care to spank me hard enough to get xbf off my mind. (With friends like mine, I don’t need enemies.)

I am going over to his house Monday night to work on some pictures he’s scanned in for me and Susan strictly forbid me to touch or tease the little stud muffin. However, I say that if he touches me first, then all bets are off! I am such a bad girl, it makes me giggle.

Have a great weekend- E


Big mistake that I never asked to spank Susan. What a bubble butt.

We Are Dead

First Fruit Loops

Now they are diverse. 

If we don’t get a majority in Congress and take the WH, the game is over. If the Dems win it means there are too many voters that are too damn ignorant to protect their own interests. They drank the Kool-Aid and believe the crap the Dems feed them.

I think that is probable we go down as no one under 40 has a basic knowledge of how our government is supposed to work. They don’t know jack – how many states are there, who we obtained our independence from, what are the three branches of government, and on and on. Our education system is a sham. It promotes ideology, not facts.

Then we have woke military leaders. How the hell did the fat fuck Gen. Mark A. Milley ever achieve flag rank? Muchless become chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He has been staff his entire career.

Woke Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin mandated that every military unit conduct a “stand-down” to confront “extremism in the ranks.”

Mandated gender-sensitivity training has affected unit morale. It has also amounted to a form of antirecruitment for prospective enlistees.

Is the U.S. prepared for battle? By one measure, military recruitment, the answer appears to be no. Nearly every branch has struggled to meet its recruitment goals for 2022, with some falling as short as 40%. Worse yet, only about a quarter of America’s youth meet current eligibility standards—and recent surveys show only 9% are even interested.

Prolonged wars that were expected to be short means our military has been in combat for 20 years. Senior NCO’s got tired and retired. Worn equipment has not been replaced one-for-one. Plus we left a trillion dollars of equipment for the Taliban.

We have been over burdened with debt for 20 years. The Biden administration has spent enough pork to crush us. Watch and see.

Green energy – The effect of emissions will continue to be felt whatever these effects are; and somebody will always use warming as a reason to relieve you of your tax dollars.

Fossil fuel plants are closing faster than green alternatives can replace them. Producers of oil and gas can’t keep up with a surge of demand due to Biden choking any new sources.

If you care to read something that contradicts what is in the MSM. Here it is.

Spanked, Paddled and Caned

I wish I could offer you titillating prose, but I was never much good at that and any skill I might have once had is now gone. Do you know of any spanking sites that are titillating? I don’t. Most are not stimulating to me. Kinda like reading the free papers in a supermarket. Heck, the most popular sites have never posted a picture of a spanking.

I don’t have any pictures of fruits or vegetables that look like bottoms for you. No verses or songs either. Just a Baker’s Dozen of delectable female bottoms. It will have to do.  May  you  be  titillated.

How many times have I seen this? Being of the too much is not enough school of thought. Not enough. I dream of time travel back to my 30’s.

At this moment, with her panties down, and her luscious orbs exposed, we have entered the extreme anticipation zone. This may be our first meeting. We have talked about this for some weeks. She may have driven several hours to stand right here. It would not be good to rush the moment. Once the first lick strikes a new zone will be entered.

I was never one to do this, but I like the picture.

Talk about enthusiasm

Who would have the heart to paddle this adorable pixie? I could not deny her.

More enthusiasm at a party

Oh My, Dani has a most spankable bottom

Our last home was on three levels. I enjoyed watching them do this on the way to bed.

Will wide belts make a come back?

Substandard housing, but a delightfully spanked bottom.

A wedgie spanking

Hope you enjoyed the fare. Have a good one!


Hello to all three of our faithful readers. I have been lazy this week. I note that eyeballs have been up by 25% the last two days and nothing has been posted all week. Odd to me.

This picture has been on my computer for over a decade. I like it.

Women, the ones I like, are able accessorize. This womens shoes match her paddle. Her Teddy matches the couch.

For me, the picture is ambiguous. Is the paddle for her or me? Since I am a switch it must be for both of us.

Maybe a post Friday?


Twofer Saturday

A Sanctuary City Spectacle


Elena Kagan’s ‘Political’ Supreme Court

If you are disappointed that Roe V Wade was overturned, there is no reason for you to read this.




I think she is model, but in this picture I can imagine her as the girl next door.

She is slim, blonde, and attractive with no ink or metal.

I like that she is wearing a slip. It dresses up the school girl outfit and makes it believable.

And the statin panties. Swoon

The pose is perfect.  Her bottom is presented exactly right. I would have had her on a coffee table, but the position would be the same.



Once again I have several images that I find strange.

Your Jeopardy Host

Now This Is A Party. Bells?

The Old Ball and Chain?

The Brits are truly odd. How could a guy get off on having a Girl Guide spank him? Yet another picture taken in unfinished basement.

The Brits also get off on carpet beaters and plimsolls.

How does sticking it through a hole enhance the experience? How many glasses of wine have these women had?

This must be from some English magazine like Janus. The spanker was always 70-something while the spankee was much younger. Perhaps he was the publisher?