Most men want to spank on a bare bottom. That has its place for sure. I started my Jeans phase when I was 40-something. I found it was an easy way to get to know a gal before getting her clothes off. “Just bend over and take a few licks on your jeans.” Who would resist that offer?

I liked that I could swing the paddle full throttle to account for the “protection” of the jeans. I also enjoyed the loud crack the paddle made on the denim.

The “color” announcer.


The Wood Paddle

For Openers

While she may up the creek without a paddle the lasses below are not.

Some classic pro pictures and one you have not seen before.

What’s her name getting the paddle. Love it. Judging by the number of school girl paddlings shot a lot of other people like such.

Just line them up and put the wood to them.

One of the first pictures I saw. Still like it

The classic hairbrush 

They could not find a better place to paddle her?

Bright pink cheeks and lacy panties.


OBB Content

Retracing the comment I shared with you last week from the woman who did not care for OBB because it showed too many women.

While she is a switch like me, she greatly prefers to spank men rather than being spanked by them. That’s quite unusual in my book. So reasonably she could only be happy if the content was biased toward FM. The acceptable FM content I find is slim indeed. She should start her own blog and see how easy it is to find quality images.

I would have more female spanks male content, but what is generally available that I could purloin turns me off. The same is true for male spanking women. If there is more than a hint of discipline it will not appear on OBB.

I have no interest in viewing pictures of hamburger meat, bottoms just laying there taking 100+ licks, fetish wear, cocks in cages etc.

Spanking has always been fun for us, while punishment is popular. That’s zero fun for us.

I see comments such as he/she should have another 50 licks to redden he/she up to learn the lesson. He/she should have the underwear all the way off to ensure humilution. Fuck that shit.

This was on my mind.

PS, I completed my course of treatment for Leukemia, with few sides effects. After a blood draw in a week I will know if it was effective.

Biden’s Bluto Moment

In the name of paying off that powerful voting bloc known as “overeducated and underemployed deadbeats,” Mr. Biden is dumping on his own inflation message, dividing his party, and insulting any American who has ever worked, saved or paid a bill.

I am sure this order, based on no law or authority, will be challenged and overturned. Yet, he will get credit for credit for trying.


Shy Ann

We met a gal last summer. We spent several days together. Most of the conversation was about spanking. She is a rare one that really enjoys spanking men. We all spanked each other and we parted thinking it had been a wonderful meeting.

We were barely out of the state until her text said that men in panties was a no-no in her book. [ She had not seen me in panties]

Then she sent us this:

I’ve commented on your blog. The last time I did, [Ed. actually the only time] though, I felt that I said too much.  I tend to be longwinded. I do catch up on OBB from time to time, but admittedly, it’s predominantly photos of women’s bottoms, women humping pillows, women holding each other, and that kind of thing. There’s definitely an audience for that, and I’m certain that men love it. But remember, I’m straight, so I don’t want to see sexual photos of other women.

She makes a valid point. She also reveals her low tolerance for other women in any sexual role.

It’s hard to make friends and when you do, they might well pull up the ladder on you.

The Female Glimpse

Approved by Bacall

Glimpse – the opposite of a stare or gaze.

We had a post on the male gaze. Females look too. They do it so damn quick you seldom catch them. [Unless they want to be caught. That’s flirting. Another subject.]

It’s like in grade school, they whispered and passed notes, but rarely attracted the teachers’ attention. They should have had their panties dusted every month for all they got by with.

I have on three occasions been with several women and made myself invisible and listened to them. They do look and grade men.



Men Getting the Wood

Adm note: I am going to start taking a drug for my Leukemia today. It’s toxic. It may or may not put me “in the ditch” for a time. So if OBB goes silent for a time that’s why.

On an equally down thought. I have noted two long-time commenters have been missing for months. I know one of them has had health issues. In the cyber world people pass and we never know. Reminds me of a few lines of an Emmylou song “Red Dirt Girl”.

But there won’t be a mention in the news of the world
About the life and the death of a red dirt girl
Named Lillian
Who never got any farther across the line than Meridian

Eight, count em, eight pictures of men being paddled by women. You may have seen them all before. They all still work for me.

No ink or metal is shown. No hamburger bottoms either.


Nu West Days Could be Bacall and me


For the OTK Fans

Three slim-waisted gals that really do it for me.

Time to Throw in the Towel?

I have to hand to the Biden administration, they have hit a home run. Never before in American history has every single appointment been someone that is both incompetent and with a passion to tear down the country.

A summary by James Hankins

It’s hard to contemplate American public life in the 21st century and not arrive at the unhappy conclusion that we are led by idiots. The political class has lately produced an impressive string of debacles: the Afghanistan pullout, urban crime waves, easily foreseen inflation, mayhem at the southern border, a self-generated energy crisis, a pandemic response that wrought little good and vast ruin. Then there are the perennial national embarrassments: a mind-bogglingly expensive welfare state that doesn’t work, public schools that make kids dumber, universities that nurture destructive grievances and noxious ideologies, and a news media nobody trusts.

What is being taught in teacher ed.

by Daniel Buck

I studied for a master’s degree in education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2015. My program was batty. We made Black Lives Matter friendship bracelets. We passed around a popsicle stick to designate whose turn it was to talk while professors compelled us to discuss our life’s traumas. We read poems through the “lenses” of Marxism and critical race theory in preparation for our students doing the same. Our final projects were acrostic poems or ironic rap videos.

On the syllabi, noticeably lacking are academic literature or manuals of classroom instruction. Instead, Hollywood movies like “Freedom Writers,” popular books like Jonathan Kozol’s “Letters to a Young Teacher,” and propaganda like “Anti-Racist Baby” abound. In place of academic essays, graduate students write personal poems or collect photographs.
The University of Wisconsin-River Falls defines education as a “social justice and change agent.” The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point commits to “anti-racism.” Each program exhibits a philosophy of education called critical pedagogy, made popular by Brazilian Marxist Paulo Freire, that envisions schools as places not of academic instruction but of societal change.

Here is a grade school teacher in Sacramento who is a self proclaimed lefty, He says he only has 180 days a year to make the kids revolutionaries.
ACAB = All Cops Are Bastards