In The Fake News

Thousands of women around the country are being forced to face a terrifying new reality in which they actually have to use one of the dozens of cheap, readily available methods of birth control In post-Roe America.

“For the first time, my habit of having unprotected sex with a different Tinder date every week to fill the empty hole in my soul may have consequences,” said local concerned woman Sandra Tibbensburg. “I can’t be bothered to stop at the gas station and pay three bucks for a pack of Trojans every time I go to a sleepover at a strange man’s house!

“I can’t believe it has come to this point, but I may have to start being responsible with my body and relationships,” said another concerned woman.

At publishing time, men reported being terrified they may actually have to start working hard for a woman’s affections and getting married before having sex.

The No Name Spanking Motel

I posted this to a Usenet group in the last century. Some of the responses follow. It led to the birth of a large  [now defunct] spanking group.

                           The No Name Motel

We have been able to purchase a small 22-room property that will be just right for spanko’s.

The rooms are suite-style, much like the Embassy Suites units. There is also a large courtyard, with a formal garden and pool – all enclosed within a 10-foot brick wall.

Plans are being made to convert the room decor to fit popular spanko themes. Already on the drawing board are:

The Principal’s Office – The outer area will have a secretary who will embarrass you about the paddling you are going to get and then further embarrass you by witnessing your paddling. The inner area will have a large wood desk to lean over, an equally large paddle and principal [gender of your choice] who has a terrific forehand.

Childhood rooms – Four are planned for those who miss parental discipline and for those who never got it.  One each in pink and blue for pre-adolescents and two for troublesome teens.

The owners earnestly solicit your theme ideas for the remaining rooms. All entries will qualify you for a free two-night stay and spankings galore!


Spankers and Spankees of both sexes are available for play, by appointment please.

Each evening, during the complimentary cocktail hour in the courtyard, spanking games will be conducted.

The young men and women who will serve the guests in the public areas will wear white thong bikinis. Guests are permitted to pat their sweet cheeks buy only twice a day.

The gift shop will have a full complement of implements. Any may be “experienced” prior to purchase.

From:         Jackie L <>

Ahhhh, the answer to my prayers….Spent 4 nights on the road with my Master and I’ll admit 3 of those, we were so tired from driving across this beautiful country, we just zonked, but the fourth night, or actually the next morning (we zonked the 4th night also–he’s an old man, what can i say, laughing), we had someone knocking on our door after a rather long and loud session with a two tailed whip.

From: (Ejotk)

Where is this new motel? I sure would love to visit it!


From: (Ldylbug)

Ooh, sign me up for a 2-week stay!!

From: (elissa)

Sign me up for all next summer!  

Let’s see, some people might like the courtroom setting, complete with Judge’s bench and gavel.  Maybe even a connected jail, with prison bars and cots.

I like the little girls’ rooms myself, but you had already planned those.


From: (LauraJB6)

Where? When?  I do hope that this is somewhere that I can plan my next vacation for…   

I do hope that there are some nice 4 poster beds in some of the rooms…

Great idea, I hope to hear more soon…..

Laura, shivering with antici—————————-pation!!!

From: (LadiKath)

It would be truly nice if all the rooms weren’t already set up, it some could just be for lovers who spank and need a private place to meet.  It should include lots of things to be tied to and over.


From: (Eric)

are you for real?!

A Note From the Divine Miss E

If you have been reading her notes, you have no doubt noticed that she romanizes the relationship. I am just being me. While she has wanted a man to take charge of her since she was quite young. She is quite intelligent and with intelligence comes the ability to manipulate others and get away with things. She has had it her way her whole life. Now she has someone who will challenger her.

Tue Feb 02 19:19:59 1999

I love to muse on how delicious it is to hear your stern voice upbraiding me, knowing what will come next. The emotional struggle to make myself raise my skirt.

The terrible feeling of helplessness when you ease down my panties. The impending doom as I await the first blow. Trying to not show how much it hurts, but finally having to beg you to stop. And just being OTK.

The pressure of your left hand on the small of my back, pinning me down. I know I can’t get away until you
let me. The emotion in your voice as you spank me harder. Feeling so exposed and powerless. Seeing you reach for another paddle, to start again. Arousal. Fear. Wishing for an even more intimate punishment. I miss you. I need you.

The Myth of Dominate Females

There are a lot of men who want a dominant female. Most are Beta males which seem to be a majority of the current generation.

“The notion that Minoan Crete had been a form of matriarchy (that is to say, actually ruled by women) was popularised in the twentieth century and still has its adherents today—although it has been pointed out that no such society is known to have existed anywhere in the world. But it is a striking fact that Greeks of the classical age reserved prime positions for dominant females in their stories, while largely excluding women from public roles or positions of authority in real life. Is this the result of perennial male anxieties, of the sort proposed by Freud,”

— The Greeks: A Global History by Roderick Beaton

Pain Slut, Submissive, Punishment or Erotic

Pain slut




Which one are you? I have had all of you across my lap. Some of the time I did not know what you were. You had not told me and I had not figured it out. I wanted to spank you and you were up for it. And that was a good start I thought. 

I always preferred a lass who was into erotic spanking. Boy meets girl. Boy spanks girl. Girl spanks boy. They have mutually satisfying sex. It was always that simple for me.

To me, a pain slut is one who can take any amount of spanking and still want more. No matter how hard or long you spank them they show little to no reaction. They may well be floating on an endorphin high and not even experience the spanking as pain. As I am ADD, they bore me.

Submissive’s need to feel they are accountable for their behavior. They relish external control. I have no interest in controlling others. [Makes me a lousy progressive]

Those into punishment chase the ultimate spanking that can relieve them of their guilt. Somehow the guilt always remains.