School Girls

One life’s mystery is why so many adult women have schoolgirl outfits in their closets. Bacall says it because guys like them. That does not completely answer the question for me.

Most women did not wear school uniforms. So what happened when they turned 30 to cause them to buy a skirt that can only be worn 1) at home 2) on Halloween 3) at a spanking party.

I am going to need some explanations from you.

Too many pictures?

5 thoughts on “School Girls”

  1. I think you know why in my case! But even vanilla girls get a little thrill out of wearing a too short skirt and flustering the boys. We love teasing the betas and love the danger of being a flip and a rip away from having sex with an alpha.

    1. As honest answers go, I score this one 100%. Damn, I miss women teasing/flirting with me by doing things like crossing their legs knowing they showing “too much”: and looking me in the eye while doing it. The upside is at my age, I no longer need to carry a hankie to wipe off the drool.

  2. Julie says ‘fluster’… you say ‘drool’… I’d say there’s your answer. For us ‘fellas that old ‘wiggle in her walk and giggle in her talk’ thing is what the Bopper said.

    1. A planned flash of white thigh would always fluster and make me drool. When I recovered I would chat her up and see where it might lead. Many times she would profess complete innocence.

  3. Real women who know how to get real men excited.
    A dying breed….

    Along with real men

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