Spanking Her The First Time

For Openers

I don’t recall discussing how we would have sex with a girl before we went out the first time. Maybe you did?

Contrast that with discussing how to spank a gal before we met in person. The discussion was always led by the women. I listened and took notes.

She had the fantasy of how she wanted to be spanked in her head for years, maybe from 5 years old. It was my job to understand how to make it happen. It usually took me several conversations for me to internalize her needs so I could spank her the way she wanted to be spanked, not the way I might take. For the more complex roles, I memorized the steps so I would hit my marks.

I was always amazed at how close their ideas aligned with mine. Her sharing her most intimate thoughts, perhaps for the first time with me was a real high for me.

Tomorrow I will share a short note from a gal who wanted to experience the cane.

2 thoughts on “Spanking Her The First Time”

  1. If the woman is being spanked, she may need to talk through how to not let your personal fantasy hurt her or ruin her fantasy. Good on you for listening so well. (Men being spanked are simply happy that any of it is happening.)

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