The Philosophy of Spanking

A reader wrote this. It’s succinct and the best explanation I have seen.
So I have a theory. There’s a shared, universal attraction to TTWD all Spanko’s have hard-wired inside that is inherently part of their sexual DNA. We like the dynamics between Spanker and Spankee, we’re drawn to traditional or ‘non-traditional’ roleplays, and we’re drawn to the visual, tactile, and aural stimulations of the act itself or of witnessing it. Some have a personal ‘history’ with spanking, but others don’t.
The spanking spectrum is anchored by one of two camps… those who seek/receive a physical reward, and those who seek/receive an emotional one. Being a spectrum, we each occupy space somewhere along it.
For some, the pain/sting/burn itself is directly sexual… leading to great sex. For others, it just hurts, but it’s a special kind of discomfort leading to a happy place, and maybe great sex. Some do it just for the feelings, the emotional feedback, and no sex involved. Some do it ONLY for the sex since for them, without an orgasm there’s no point. Most do this TTWD for a combination of the two. What’s interesting is that those in either camp can and do draw elements from the rest of the spectrum.
You’ve always said your interest was purely sensual/sexual; that both of you being Alpha, you didn’t do discipline. Moving along that same spectrum you’ll run into Domestic which is more emotionally driven. Discipline is even further along. Now you’re getting into DD, CDD, D/S, FLR, BDSM, Dungeons and Dragons Oh My!, and more.
In short, we like what we like…
Thus endeth my theory.

Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree?
I’ve traveled the world and the seven seas
Everybody’s lookin’ for something

Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused

School Girls

One life’s mystery is why so many adult women have schoolgirl outfits in their closets. Bacall says it because guys like them. That does not completely answer the question for me.

Most women did not wear school uniforms. So what happened when they turned 30 to cause them to buy a skirt that can only be worn 1) at home 2) on Halloween 3) at a spanking party.

I am going to need some explanations from you.

Too many pictures?

Abortion Goes Back to the People

the Supreme Court finally corrects its historic mistake in Roe v. Wade.

No surprise that I applaud the five jurists that overturned Roe and Casey. Roe had no basis in our Constitution. It was pure legislating from the bench.  Roe was the real “exercise of raw judicial power,” as Justice Byron White put it in dissent in 1973.

Congress had a half-century to pass a law governing abortion. They ducked, as over half the voters in many states do not support abortion.

Trump did one good thing – appointing three conservatives to the high court. Not to mention the dozens to Districts courts where future supremes are most often drawn.

Women’s healthcare is euphemism for Plan B birth control – where neither the man or woman use birth control. I wonder if condom sales will increase now.

I see women carrying signs that read Keep Your Hands Off My Body. They could take that to heart and not allow so many hands on their bodies.

The majority’s decision in Roe was grounded in its view that in 1868, when the 14th Amendment was adopted, abortion was widely restricted throughout the U.S. Therefore, Justice Alito wrote, the right to end an unwanted pregnancy couldn’t be derived from the amendment’s provisions protecting individual liberty and equality from infringement by state governments.

“A right to abortion is not deeply rooted in the Nation’s history and traditions. On the contrary, an unbroken tradition of prohibiting abortion on pain of criminal punishment persisted from the earliest days of the common law until 1973,” when Roe was decided, Justice Alito wrote.

How Biden Screwed the Energy Market

Warning to lib tards, these articles express facts. You are not equipped with critical thinking so reading them would be a complete waste of your time. Go play a game.

A Story by the Divine Miss E

For Openers

This is a follow on post to yesterday’s post. This is a short story she wrote. One way to communicate what is desired. She wanted to experience the cane. The aunt refers to Bacall.

From Sun Dec 27 19:08:15 1998

Dear D:

I am writing this to you, but I don’t want to hear a word about it.

She greeted him airly with a peck on the cheek and collapsed on the bed with her fav mag. She hoped he had forgotten his recent promise. He sat down beside her with the look of his face she had come to dread.” Sweetheart, we have some unfinished business. We must settle some affairs and then meet your aunt for lunch.” She pouted and threw down the magazine. “Oh puh-lease, will you just
give it up? I don’t want to be spanked and I’m not going to let you do that anymore!” He rose to leave and her heart gladdened. Good- that was showing

He walked to the closet and returned, cane in hand, to stand before her. The color drained from her face. Her brave resolve left her. “Please don’t!
Anything but that! I’ll take my paddling, PLEASE”

He heard the panic in her voice and for a moment pitied her. But, he was faithful to his task. “Young
lady, today you will learn an important lesson. You will not dictate how or when I will discipline you. I have decided that you will be caned for your
disrespect and refusal to mend your ways. You have had every opportunity, yet the behaviour has persisted. However, I will allow you this: After receiving one stroke of the cane, your behaviour during the rest of your punishment will
determine if and how many other strokes you will have. I require that you speak respectfully, prepare for your punishment, and assume the position as I
direct you. Any reluctance or refusal will be dealt with harshly. Do you understand me? ”

She eyed the door but noted she could not escape. She wondered if she could bolt to the bathroom and lock herself inside, but saw that avenue was blocked
as well. Terror stricken, she nodded, but could not bring herself to speak.

Before, she could always delay the inevitable by arguing or refusing to hold still. Now she knew that would be impossible. If he meant to do a thing, that
thing would be done.

“Raise your skirt and put yourself over this chair.” As he spoke, he rolled up the sleeves of his beautifully starched shirt. She walked slowly to the
chair he had placed in the middle of the room. Slowly she raised her skirt and lowered herself as instructed. Her legs trembled as he pulled the white
panties below her bottom. “Now then, that’s no position for a proud minx like yourself- he tapped her legs-straighten your knees and lift that bottom.”
Cowering against the chair, she did as he required, bottom now ready for the cane. Stroking her cheeks with the cane he said, ” Now perhaps you’ll be in a
mood to have a little talk. Tell me why I’m having to cane you today”

Whimpering, she listed her misbehaviours. “and what should I do about your impudence?” “Correct me, Sir” Her eyes were full of tears, from the
humiliation of her position as well as the dread of the pain to come. “I am angry that you have pushed me this far, and when I am finished, I trust we
will not have this conversation again.” Tapping her bottom one last time, he drew back his arm and brought down the cane as firmly as he could. She cried out and leapt up, hands on her bottom in agony. “You will remain in position until I give you leave”.

Back across the chair she went, struggling to regain her composure. “Will I need to use this cane again, or do you plan to accept the rest of your punishment gracefully?” “No, please! I will!” He placed the cane on the chair before her. ” Let this be a reminder for you.”

And then he reached for his favorite paddle, and wondered what the lunch special might be today. He resumed his task briskly, “mustn’t keep your Aunt waiting”, he thought.

Spanking Her The First Time

For Openers

I don’t recall discussing how we would have sex with a girl before we went out the first time. Maybe you did?

Contrast that with discussing how to spank a gal before we met in person. The discussion was always led by the women. I listened and took notes.

She had the fantasy of how she wanted to be spanked in her head for years, maybe from 5 years old. It was my job to understand how to make it happen. It usually took me several conversations for me to internalize her needs so I could spank her the way she wanted to be spanked, not the way I might take. For the more complex roles, I memorized the steps so I would hit my marks.

I was always amazed at how close their ideas aligned with mine. Her sharing her most intimate thoughts, perhaps for the first time with me was a real high for me.

Tomorrow I will share a short note from a gal who wanted to experience the cane.