Men Paddled

For Openers

This one really works for me. I am a sucker for slim waisted women with a paddle.

A reader sent me this one of my GF. She knows exactly the effect she is having on me by flashing her thigh.  She plans to  have  me  in a high state of arousal before her strap is employed.

Two Handed!

You have seen it before, but isn’t it good to see it again. Classic


6 thoughts on “Men Paddled”

  1. The ‘two-handed’ ladies always make me think of women’s tennis. I’m sure Chris Evert and Monica Seles would approve! His stretched undershorts kind of look like a tennis net anyways.

  2. The two handed ladies would be too much for me!

    But, the daintier lady in the green dress is interesting; his fanny is evidence that she knows how to apply her smaller paddle!

  3. Don’t know if I could handle a two handed paddle swat to my bare bottom anymore. Probably would knock my teeth out.
    Then again I’ve had a few women give be done bruising one handed paddling as well

    Cute red head in that first photo !

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