A Reader Finished The Story

A reader who wanted no acknowledgment wrote this version.

I was single and had invited a gal to my place for dinner. It was our second date. I was in the kitchen finishing cooking and she was sitting on the couch on the other side of the kitchen counter. She moved and her hand went between the cushions and she came up with a paddle I had misplaced.

She held it up and said “I know what this is for”.

“James, is there something that you want to ask me?” I played coy. “What do you mean Paula?” “I think that there is something on your mind and you should tell me what it is,” she said. Did I dare tell her that I wanted her to spank me? I wanted to, but I had butterflies in my stomach and could not get out the words.

“What if I already know what it is from all of our conversations James,” she said. I was really embarrassed now and I looked down at my feet. “I see that you must know what I am talking about. My stomach was in knots and my member was tingling.

“Well James, I see that I need to take the initiative, I really wanted you to ask me for a spanking” Paula sat in my spot and placed the paddle on the couch to her left. “Now I know you have wanted this spanking since we met and I will give you what you want. Take your pants down.” I was trembling as I reached for my belt buckle and dropped my pants. I was afraid that she would see my raging hard-on through my  briefs as I pushed my pants to my ankles, but as soon as they were down she moved me over her knee.  I put my hands and elbows on the couch as she centered my bottom. “If you try to get up or protect your bottom then you will receive further spankings. Is that understood?” “Yes Ma’am,” I said.

With my answer all but out, she started to rain down spanks onto my upturned bottom. They were not too bad at first and I wiggled my butt just a little at the touch of her hand. She increased her tempo and they began to sting. My penis was hard as a rock and moving against her bare thighs as I wiggled. It felt so good I could hardly stand it. She spanked me steadily from top to bottom and then stopped. She ran her hands over my hot bottom. I knew what was coming. “Lift your hips James.” I did as instructed and she pulled my underwear down to join my jeans. I could hardly believe that I was being spanked on the bare by my girlfriend on our second date. It stung and felt good all at the same time.

She spanked me with her hand on my bare bum until it began to hurt quite a bit. She concentrated on the round of my bum and my upper thighs. “Now James, I want you to remember this spanking for some time to come, so now we are going to start your real spanking. She picked  the paddle up. The first slap of it made my legs stick out straight and I involuntarily reached my right hand back to block the next one. She pinned my arm high on my back with her left hand and pushed me down. “I warned you about putting your hands back James.” “Please Paula; I will not reach back again.” I pleaded with her to stop but she kept spanking my naked bottom with my paddle, I know you want this she said. It hurt more than I had imagined it would. She was right. I wanted to be spanked, and I still had butterflies in my stomach.

She spanked me with the paddle until I thought that I could take no more. Then as quickly as it started, it stopped. When I stood up I noticed her staring at my erection and it made me even more aroused. I kicked my underwear off and waited for further instruction. My butt was on fire. I stood in front of her and she ran her cool hands over my hot ass. I felt her fingertips circle their way around my bottom while her other hand and fingers curled down and tickled my penis so softly. She smacked my bottom lightly. I waited for more but it wasnt time yet.

“James, I want you to bend over the back of the couch and place your hands on the far edge of the seat. If you move your hands or stand up then you will receive additional spankings and you already have twenty licks with the paddle coming.”

I did as I was told and reached across the back of the couch and grabbed the top of the cushion. This really put my derriere on display and made it an easy target. I was not ready for the first swat when it came and I yelled out. “Owwwww, please Paula, I heard her snicker a little bit, she was enjoying this, but this was no laughing matter. I almost moved my hands and it was all I could do to keep from standing up. I gripped the cushion harder and vowed to not let go. The paddle swooshed through the air and made contact over and over. She finished my paddling but I remained bent over the couch as she rubbed my ass. My erection was coming back slowly and I think she was waiting for it.

“I want you to go get your belt out of your pants and hand it to me now,” she said. “Yes, Ma’am”, I said. I wanted this to be over so I quickly retrieved my belt and handed it to her. “You will now ask me politely to spank you.” “Please Paula, will you spank me for my behavior earlier,” I said.

“Since you have been good for the most part and asked so politely, I will give you only ten strokes of the belt and you will wear my panties. I watched as she lifted her skirt and peeled off a pair of satin panties. I took them from her outstretched hand. I held them under my nose. The sweet yet musky scent entered and filled me. MMMM she said and smiled as I pulled them over my hot cheeks. Please bend over the couch again, James.” I bent over and waited for the first stroke. She hit me high on the thighs and the pain shot through my whole body, but I noticed my erection was still there. After the tenth stroke,   your spanking is done and you can come over here, she said. I stood in front of her as she slipped panties off my ass. She took her panties and wrapped them around my penis, she spanked me with one hand and moved the panties on my penis. I came into her panties. Now you know exactly how I like to be spanked.
Its your turn to spank me.

Would you please spank me, she said.

The experience was one that I would never forget and one that would hope to repeat.

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  1. This was a nice story. I should get half a dozen more paddles to hide in all our seat cushion cracks. 🙂

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