DIY Story

I sometimes wake up in a spanking dream. The other day I had a new one. I was single and had invited a gal to my place for dinner. It was our second date. I was in the kitchen finishing cooking and she was sitting on the couch on the other side of the kitchen counter. She moved and her hand went between the cushions and she came up with a paddle I had misplaced.

She held it up and said “I know what this is for”.

So what did she say it was for? That it fitted my bottom or what?

I will be interested in earning if anyone will take a swing at adding to the story.


PS, not a single comment on the letter from Miss E. That’s OK, I have lots of them.


5 thoughts on “DIY Story”

  1. “Do you now?”
    “Yes” she said. “It looks like it has not been used much lately, has it?”
    “What does ‘lately’ mean?” I flash her a smile.
    Her smile disappears, she stands, legs spread to shoulder width, arms folded, paddle plainly visible. She stares, no words. She walks to the table, pulls out the chair, turning the back of the chair out. “Over here.”
    “Hey, wait a…”
    “Over here!” she says, “don’t make me come and get you!”
    I walk to the chair, “get rid of those britches and while you’re at it, that stupid shirt too! You know the position, hands on the chair until I tell you otherwise.”
    I smile, kiss her forehead as we pass, then give her a good goosing on the ass, just to add a bit of extra vinegar to her swing.
    This was the first fantasy, the second we switched places. The third and fourth just got more and more detailed. The third, she took off her dress to improve her swing, revealing black lingerie that included a bustier, thigh-highs and garter belts.
    I probably fvcked up all the punctuation.

    Fun post Bogey! Hope to hear from Nora and Strict Julie.

  2. She said, “ Bogey, I found the paddle, now you can get the pizza out of the oven so we can eat, I’m starving!”

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