Brand New Panties

Cheap Thrills

So we bought some retro/vintage panties. They are full-cut nylon in light pastel shades of blue, yellow, and pink. They are so thin you can see the bottom turn red through them.

We tried them on and gave each other some pops. I wore yellow and Bacall choose blue. Bacall first thought about waiting until tomorrow to give them a full test. She reconsidered and we got to business.

Paddles and panties are my fetishes. They have always turned me on and I was stiff just thinking about it. We had fun.

BTW, my fondness for wearing panties does not mean I want to be a woman. And panties are the only female attire I wear. Anything else is a turn-off.





6 thoughts on “Brand New Panties”

  1. “so thin you can see the bottom turn red through them.”

    Lots of great sights in this old world… that’s always been a favorite of mine!

  2. Great way to get over the Wednesday hump with some “whap” music and stinging bottoms!
    The teacher’s paddle or the [gasp] principal’s?

    1. The stingy Teachers. And damn did it sting. The PT she is doing must be improving her swing. She giggles when the paddle cracks especially loud.

      1. The giggle make the sting a bit stingier, LOL!
        When Bacall filled out the PT form, under “why are you here?”, did she put “no longer able to deliver a proper spanking”?

  3. Finally, someone else who thinks of panties like I do. I love wearing panties, but that’s the only women apparel I will wear.

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