Biden and Putin

I can’t say why Obama was elected. Perhaps just the novelty of him being black appealed to enough of the white suburban housewives that he needed for a win. He is always the smartest guy in the room. He never learned anything from someone else. He had no work experience, except as a community organizer. He was and is a fraud. And a wealthy one.

We got Trump because a lot of folks resented being talked down to by Obama. Trump was all about Trump. Nothing else interested him.

We got Biden because so many were tired of Trump always being about Trump and his grade school playground antics. Biden has proved totally incompetent. He has beaten out Carter for the title of worst President. This is the guy Obama did want to run.

I wonder who tells Biden what to say? Bernie?

All of his appointments are left-wing ideologues from the bottom of the barrel. All are selected for their willingness to throw wrenches into government.

His nominee for SCOTUS was racist. She was only considered because she is black, and because she believes judges should govern and not be bothered with the law. One example. When the sentencing guidelines, written by lawmakers, called for a sentence of 10 years, she imposed three months, because she said the guidelines were out of date. That is not a call for a judge to make.


Putin is Hitler. He is attempting the extermination of a people and the obliteration of their cities. World War II wasn’t fought in Europe to prevent a future nuclear exchange between Russia and the U.S. It was fought because Europe was experiencing the indiscriminate murder of civilians under Nazi military doctrine, now revived by Mr. Putin.

Ukraine is divided. The eastern side leans pro Russian and is most desired by Putin. I will not be surprised if the aggression pauses, not ends, in partition. That or Russian intelligence takes Putin out. Yesterday, Russia shifted and said they will concentrate on Donbas region in the east where they has been low level fighting for two years.

How about a few bucks for those suffering in the Ukraine?

Being in the cold, with no home and hungry is grim. I am donating to the World Central Kitchen.

There are many other charities. Pick one from these lists.

Help the Ukraine

Donate to Ukraine relief efforts

Dem’s Wish List

On the left’s wish list of more than 70 items are presidential directives to cancel student debt, reduce prescription drug costs, fix defects in ObamaCare, give more people overtime pay, establish national standards for police use of force, ban drilling on federal land and water, and promote racial equity by spending 40% of clean-energy funds in “disadvantaged communities.”

So racial equity is funded by clean energy!


Ye Ole Wood Paddle

My personal percussion toy has always been the wood paddle applied with gusto.

This is a rare photo. One taken by “amateurs”. It is so refreshing to see one that is not from the commercial side of spanking. Yes, your neighbors, friends, co-workers spank.

These two are up to mischief. Black lingerie on the beach at night. They knew what was going to happen when they dressed to get undressed.

Classic Nu-West, Penny getting her revenge on a fellow model that she had an issue with.

A person who doesn’t believe that too much is enough.

The next two bring back some memories for me.

Fun Party

No yearbook in the 60’s was printed without someone getting a spanking.

Random Thoughts On The Second Day Of Spring

Just a heads up – I may not be posting so frequently in the next few weeks. There are no plans to retire.

Several spanking blogs have disappeared this year. No loss to me as their content was of little interest to me.  I am just noting the field continues to shrink. In fact, I don’t know of a current spanking blog that titillates me. The ones that did interest me are long gone. Or maybe my tastes have changed?

I follow this blog – Marriage, Sex, and More. It does not have much to do with spanking but offers some sage advice.  Here is one of his recent posts.

Sometime, between my Naval service and getting married, I chanced into asking the woman want she wanted. I had the mistaken impression that women needed to be seduced. I was wrong. They have the same sexual thoughts that men do. They just need to feel they can express themselves. Ditto on spanking. Many have been thinking about being spanked from an early age.

Someone knocking at the door
Somebody ringing the bell
Someone’s knocking at the door
Somebody’s ringing the bell
Do me a favor
Open the door
And let ’em in

It was amazing to me to find that some women had the same thoughts about spanking that had been rolling around in my mind. “Yes, I want to bend over the chair and feel the paddle.”

I wonder how many men have been spanked in front of this bookcase?

Last week comments were at an all time low. I suppose the content was not remarkable.

The Ukraine flag post triggered some nitwit, who must write for Pravda, to castigate me for supporting the Ukraine when plainly the Ukraines were the aggressors.


We Got Paddled

I have been remiss about posting about our own spanking adventures. To be frank, they have been fewer paddlings in the last year or so. I have been on a roller coaster ride for the last few years due to health issues. There have been weeks where I had no interest in spanking or being spanked.

Last week I was “up”, feeling pretty good. I put on spanking panties and Bacall warmed me up three times in one day. Just 10-12 licks each time. She said we should both wear spanking panties the next day. And so we did.

I gave her a long hand spanking and then used some of her lighter leather straps. I then gave her a massage with lotion and rubbed her with a ribbed rubber glove that she likes. Then I got carried away and paddled her with her holey paddle. Which is a stinger anyway, but with the lotion on it made it Owwwee! The paddle literally stuck to her. She took it like a champ.

She then turned me red with 10 from our Principles paddle followed by a dozen with the ever stingy Teacher’s paddle.

Since I can no longer write an erotic spanking account, if I ever could, I will fill in with a few pictures.


This and That

I did a potpourri post last week, but I still have a lot of miscellaneous images in the folder so we will call this one This and That so as not to be repetitive. 

Let’s start with an old heartthrob of mine, Susan Day. So damn spankable with her sultry voice.

I have never been much on corner time. I have other things in mind after I have spanked her.

Who would not want to spank her? Classic outfit with no ink or metal.

Spring was here last week, then went on hiatus.