Spanked Together

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Not that many switchy couples, but for the few of us, getting spanked together is powerful.

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    1. I got this one time but with my girlfriend. we were both 23 or 24 and stayed at her home when her parents were on holiday. When they came earlier back the house was a mess. We were paddled together in her bedroom on the bare. Its was very humiliating for me and I cried like a baby. Never before I cried for a spanking (I got a seldom one from my parents and only with their hand and never bare). My girlfriend didn’t cry, she was stronger than me.

  1. It’s been quite a while since we’ve been spanked together. Actually we enjoyed being tied down across opposite ends of a bench facing each other. There were usually several others watching as we were spanked. The sight of my wife’s face as she was spanked would always turn me on even more. Add the sounds involved with a good spanking /paddling , the emotional overload was sometimes better than the spanking itself.
    Yes it’s been a while…….

    Do a few more posts on group spankings, Mr. Bogey.

      1. Me too. It’s a shame we have to get old.
        Actually though I’m looking forward to bro v out in an old age home. I hear some wild stuff goes on in them.
        Except for the homes in New York. Cuomo killed off most of the inhabitants there.

  2. The last illustration brings back many fond memories. Me spanking her and she spanking me – I belive you and Bacall have engaged in this sort of “joint action” o more than one occasion in the past.

  3. These are nice. #3 is my favorite. There is something about a woman spanked, standing straight, next to a slightly man to emphasize the differences in her form. I’ve only seen a few such photos but I treasure them.

    1. Spanking each other is a thrill. If it can be arranged, playing with another switchy couple only ups the excitement. You get to watch each other’s face as the spanking goes on.

  4. Glad you re-ran this theme Bogie! Loved it before and I enjoyed more fun pics and chatter from fellow spankos.

    Love the idea of this but with a twist. Instead of being next to each other, imagine the top table, being on opposite ends, our faces would meet. I could see her spanker’s swings and she could see mine. I would next fantasize us kissing to the unmistakable music of paddles cracking and whapping on our bared bottoms.

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