Hard Ones

I am going to talk about something is not talked about in the spanking world – guys with stiffies while being spanked. The mere thought of being paddled gives me a stiffie. I would not want to be paddled if I did not have one – it would be painful.

A lot of video companies have followed the defunct Nu-West/Leda. But,  Nu-West/Leda remains the best of the best in many ways. The 50yo productions remain popular among men and no one has imitated them. Ed Lee was a switch and he knew what I liked.

Ed Lee did not shy away from showing men with erections while being spanked. I don’t need to see a man with an erection for sexual arousal. Yet, when I do see one in a spanking video, I feel comfortable as that is how I am before and during a paddling. It’s real to me.

The women in his films played with the men. They would paddle, pause to rub, then resume paddling. Exactly how I like it and that was what I did before I saw one of Mr. Lee’s videos. I never desired a paddling if I was not fully erect.

I don’t think I have ever seen a spanking video of an erect man since Nu-West/Leda. In amateur videos, if the guy is sporting one you will seldom see it. Is it self-censorship to avoid it being deleted from Spanking Tube?

I don’t dare illustrate this post.

5 thoughts on “Hard Ones”

  1. I’m sitting in my urologist’s waiting room at the moment reading this and remembering the good old stiffy days.

    Where have the years gone?

  2. Posted for JimC who is having problems with this site

    Me too! Perhaps not just a passing thought, but if I enter the bathroom and
    see my red spanking underwear laying on the vanity, a paddle laying on a
    night stand or if Wendy utters anything resembling “I’m going to spank your
    fanny” – all clear signs of her intentions – that’s it – no need for Viagra
    in this house! All of our spankings are strictly foreplay, sex and orgasms
    always follow.

    I cannot remember ever being spanked by Wendy, or spanking her, without an
    erection. I have told her, if she thinks I am not enjoying every second of
    a spanking because she has spanked too hard or too long – she just needs to
    check around front for an erection. I apparently color very fast with our
    various paddles which concerns her and she checks frequently (much to my


  3. I have to agree. My version of this should involve an erection. While giving or receiving. Glad I’m not alone on this. I realize everyone’s preferences are different, but I have also found depictions of spankings and erections are “hard” to find. Excellent post.

  4. Also agree with Jim. Except we don’t have the spanking underwear.

    The thrill and excitement of being taken over her knee is all my BFF needs to stand and stay at attention. Watching her pull out the paddles, not knowing if one, some or all will get into the action sends waves of anticipation and excitement through my body.

    My rump also roasts up quickly. I find it interesting how the sting goes from intense to dull to intense, back and forth throughout the session.

    Yes, it extends foreplay which leads to the best O’s ever!

  5. I always get erect giving or getting spanked or caned. It should be my punishment but I just love getting my bottom well thrashed by my loving wife. Great gal!

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