Men Paddled

I know,  there have not been any pictures depicting spanking this week. Perhaps these pictures of men being paddled will atone.

This picture has been around, but it’s one of my fav’s.

Another oldie,  but a fav of mine. Bent over taking a wood paddle

I like Mrs. Daniels haircut and slow firm licks

She is serious. Probably too much for me

OK, readers answer this, why in many such pictures does the woman have huge breasts? Is this a wish for truly maternal punishment as the caption puts it?

This woman is my kind of spanker. Slim and effective. The loopy Johnny on the legs stings. OTK with a spoon





5 thoughts on “Men Paddled”

  1. My guess is the artists on a lot of these are home-grown, red-blooded U.S., good-old ‘boys who subscribe to the ‘bigger the better’ philosophy. I’m a “boobies are nice but booty rules” fan myself.

  2. The lady cartoon photo.
    I didn’t realize those were large breasts. I thought it was two little bald headed guys arguing.

    Anyway that’s a drawing by Sorenutz. He’s actually one of my favorite artists. All his works include exceptionally large breasted women spanking small men.

  3. Nice collection and some seriously spanked bottoms too.
    Enjoyed the video link. As one into recycling (No Keurig in my home), like the way they recycled the obsolete monitor cable. Wondered if the mirror was for her to see his face and/or for him to see the spoon and loop drop and/or other.

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