FLR and Submission

Many animals, including bees, hyenas, and elephants, live in female-led societies.

A lot of men want an FLR. Nothing wrong with that. The best boss I ever had was female. She not controlling, she led.

The men I read about on spanking blogs and in stories want to be spanked for bad behavior. I can’t understand a woman desiring to be around a man who was always misbehaving. [Of course, some women stay with a man who abuses them] Wanting a hot bottom is one thing. Purposely annoying your mate to get spanked is – well, you come up with your own word for it. 

Imagine that year after year you do the same things to annoy your wife and then hand her a spoon to correct your behavior and relieve her stress. Is it role play or is the woman dumb as a doorknob to think she is doing anything positive?

Some women also want to be held accountable for their behavior and punished when they step out of bounds. In my experience most women are genuinely trying to improve and don’t misbehave just to get spanked – but some do. And geeze are they annoying.


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  1. Fun read, got my thoughts rambling.
    Can’t recall where I read it; 3 most common fetishes practiced by couples (in no order) are restraints, role-play and impact-play. It did not say why spanking is called “impact-play”.
    From my POV, role-play works in perfect harmony with restraints and/or spanking.
    Spanking is wonderful therapy, it releases adrenaline, endorphins and hormones. Leaves me feeling refreshed or “brand spanking new”…

  2. In my world it does not work that way. If my wife decides that something is punishable my job is to ensure that I change in that area. She is playing a game with me that is my kink not hers and so giving her the ability to change my behaviour is the only quid pro quo that I can offer.
    To be spanked an occasional slip up will result in a spanking without ruining “the game” but intentional misbehaviour will spell the end of it!

    1. Thanks for the share Merksmith.
      Do you find it helps with your behavior modification?
      Reason I ask is every New Year’s, I make a resolution to myself to change, improve and eliminate a personal behavior. Last year’s was to be a better listener. Not really material for a spanking for a “slip up”, pretty much impossible to measure. One year was a eliminate a habit (won’t say what it was for now0 and definitely measurable and spank-able.

    2. If I understand you, you are saying that intentional misbehavior would result in NO spanking. A rational response by your wife not to reward you. That is the opposite of what the post was about.

      1. Intentional misbehaviour may or may not result in NO spanking, my point is that it is against the spirit of the game. My wife makes the rules and I really do try to comply. If I intentionally misbehave I expect that the game will rapidly become too much like work and my wife will cease to play… maybe exactly your point…
        theozigg – yes it does modify my behaviour, this year the coffee machine is continuously the cleanest it has ever been, and not once have I crunched ice in her presence. The spanking that I have coming is a result of deliberate disobedience (I put a finger in her pussy cos I was beyond horny when she expressly told me not to.

  3. I don’t see anything wrong with, hinting that you want a spanking, by the use of a little healthy bratting. As long as it is kept within agreed, pre-negotiated limits, the same as a spanking really.


    1. I agree Prefectdt, bratting is fine but not in respect of behaviour that my wife is trying to modify. Bratting will likely get me a spanking, and the finger I referred to above is an instance of that.

  4. FLR is certainly not for us, we both hate it. In fact, she is repulsed by “weak men”. As am I. She craves being led and submitting, though we are not a dom/sub couple. She just believes in the traditional roles and feels more comfortable and safer that way. When we engage in spankings, it’s more a playful suggestion than one needing serious discipline. If folks are into that, I’m happy for them to be doing what they love. They should. But doing things wrong to get a spanking (and FLRs) is not for us. As always though, you do you. There is no right or wrong to this as long as everyone agrees.

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