Friday Conglomeration

I mentioned last month that eyeballs on OBB had declined to record lows. Between Christmas and New Years’ readership went to record highs. I don’t pretend to understand.

This post could be tagged as potpourri, but conglomeration seemed to fit better. Just some images that have accumulated that have no relation to each other.

In my quest of finding pictures for you degenerates

Our idea of spanking fun

I would like to know the back story of this

College Dorm Fun

More College Dorm Fun

You have to be really old to recall this strip




5 thoughts on “Friday Conglomeration”

    1. I can see now that I did not put enough flesh in this post. The Jeep is on a famous/infamous trail near Moab, UT

      The ironing board is a throwback to a distant era.

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