Saturday Edition

Omicron Has Killed Certitude


1) An array of past quoted Bidenisms and Faucisms on COVID-19: any president should resign for hundreds of thousands of deaths on his watch (with chyrons of stats below on the dead post January 20, 2021), given Biden’s greater death toll; Biden claiming no one was vaxxed until his arrival; Biden claiming Trump ignored the federal role by outsourcing policy to the states in the manner of the Articles of Confederation, versus his recent admission of no federal solution;

2) Clips of the consequences of defunding the police: videos in mediis rebus of smash-and-grab, carjackings, torched police precincts, and urban violence, again juxtaposed to quotes from Democratic congresspeople about the need for defunding the police;

3) Scenes from the final madness in Afghanistan spliced with assurances from Biden and Miley to the effect that all things are normal and progressing as planned; videos of rows of trucks, arms, material now in Taliban hands;

4) Videos from the mess at the border, with quotes from congresspeople: e.g., Secretary Mayorkas, Vice President Harris, and President Biden claiming that the immigration situation is well under control, with a fade out of no vaccinations and no tests required unlike what is asked of those U.S. citizens serving in the military and federal work force;

5) Photo clips of gas prices at the pump, editorialized with quotes from administration officials asking Saudi Arabia and Russia to please pump more oil;

6) Quotes from Biden about discovering the high price of meat, with scenes of supply shortages, empty shelves, and sticker shock on meat cuts;

7) Calls for racial harmony, healing, and unity, with quotes from the Squad, Joy Reid, Don Lemon, etc.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Edition”

  1. Somehow in decades of spanking interest and Web surfing, I’d missed your blog. It seems to strike the perfect balance of eroticism and a genuine love of women. I skimmed several of the posts and see leukemia is in the mix. Wish you all the best.

    The other attraction is your politics. I was very skeptical of The Donald when he first ran, but his policies were outstanding, despite a somewhat off-putting personality at times. Then I realized that the problem was that the Left was used to slapping the Republicans around, with no bottom limit on viciousness, lies, and ridicule but were completely outraged by someone who punched back. As an electrical engineer, I’m quite aware of the cheating that took place in the 2020 election and am looking forward to a reckoning during Trump’s second and third terms. Not revenge – a reckoning.

    I’ll be around from time to time if it’s ok.

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