I came across this 15-second clip. I don’t know if it is amateur or pro. Perhaps one of you perverts will recognize the spanker or the room.

I would like to think it’s two women settling accounts.

Some may say it’s extreme. Not having examined the strap I could not say. How the leather is tanned makes all the difference.

I found the body English the spanker uses enticing. I have never noticed a man using such pronounced body English.

Don’t watch it while you are in a Zoom meeting. Grin


A few more images of body English in action

3 thoughts on “Strapped”

  1. I believe the video clip is from Cherry Cheek Spankings. They’ve been around a while now and I think there is a tumblr or bdsmlr blog, but perhaps under a different name? Tend to feature ‘authentic’ type spankings… e.g. bright red bottoms! Much rather see a little ‘oomph’ behind it than a wimpy swing.

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