Hard Ones

I am going to talk about something is not talked about in the spanking world – guys with stiffies while being spanked. The mere thought of being paddled gives me a stiffie. I would not want to be paddled if I did not have one – it would be painful.

A lot of video companies have followed the defunct Nu-West/Leda. But,  Nu-West/Leda remains the best of the best in many ways. The 50yo productions remain popular among men and no one has imitated them. Ed Lee was a switch and he knew what I liked.

Ed Lee did not shy away from showing men with erections while being spanked. I don’t need to see a man with an erection for sexual arousal. Yet, when I do see one in a spanking video, I feel comfortable as that is how I am before and during a paddling. It’s real to me.

The women in his films played with the men. They would paddle, pause to rub, then resume paddling. Exactly how I like it and that was what I did before I saw one of Mr. Lee’s videos. I never desired a paddling if I was not fully erect.

I don’t think I have ever seen a spanking video of an erect man since Nu-West/Leda. In amateur videos, if the guy is sporting one you will seldom see it. Is it self-censorship to avoid it being deleted from Spanking Tube?

I don’t dare illustrate this post.

What Are Republicans For?

Democrats have a message. Republicans have failed for years to get what they stand for before the voters.

Democrats have framed Republicans as only being opposed to the democratic agenda.

If you are short on time, just read the first and last highlighted section of the article.

If you have one more minute ask yourself why you have not read The Wealth of Nations, Democracy in America or heard of F A Hayek.

Who I want in the White House

No one asked me, but these are the kind of people that I think would be great in the White House. People with common sense and no ego.

Gary Sinise, Mike Rowe, Victor Davis Hanson

Florida Is Living With Covid—and Freedom

The state’s surgeon general, Joseph Ladapo, on his advice against tests for the asymptomatic, his opposition to vaccination mandates, and life in Los Angeles under lockdown.

This makes sense to me. Covid is going to be around for the long haul.


Men Paddled

I know,  there have not been any pictures depicting spanking this week. Perhaps these pictures of men being paddled will atone.

This picture has been around, but it’s one of my fav’s.

Another oldie,  but a fav of mine. Bent over taking a wood paddle

I like Mrs. Daniels haircut and slow firm licks

She is serious. Probably too much for me

OK, readers answer this, why in many such pictures does the woman have huge breasts? Is this a wish for truly maternal punishment as the caption puts it?

This woman is my kind of spanker. Slim and effective. The loopy Johnny on the legs stings. OTK with a spoon





Six Looks At Strict Julie’s Bottom

Julie was kind and organized enough to supply me with pictures of her and some of David’s backside that she has posted on her blog.

She says If you want…. feel free to take a selection of faves for a post all about my derriere (I do enjoy the exhibitionist tease/thrill!). A humiliating detailed rating would be fun, comparing me to all those young models you post, from a real expert such as yourself, or pointing out me going through chubbier and leaner phases.
My picks would be #3 and then #4.
  1. Had a good photoshoot that David did when we visited our fave pro domme:
2. And another in a onesie when I played with a friend Tracy and her husband and a belt:  https://strictjuliespanks.blogspot.com/2016/12/julies-belt-licking-part-2.html
3. Of course, the pic you used was one of many from the series starting

4. And THAT was a follow-on from this series:

5. I think this was one of the first I posted, over David knee

6. And after some persistent questioning of my reality back in the day, this is one I promised to do if I received 12 photos of naked male bums within a certain time. The boys were motivated!

I think we all want to see more of Julie and David. I would like to see the both of them bent over taking a paddle. Her sister could swing the camera.

Brain Transplant

It’s gone beyond the point where you know what might be posted here. It could be pictures of delectable creatures that crave a spanking. Or it could be more mad ramblings from me. It’s always a gamble on what you find.

This is a follow on to the recent post on Remote Sex. I recall reading a novel by Robert Heinlein where an old man’s brain is transplanted into a young woman’s body. I  found the concept intriguing. I would love to be able to experience what a woman’s orgasm feels like. [Plus being an old man now and having another go at life is quite attractive]

Transplanting a brain is pure sci-fi. Transplanting the brain of a different gender could not work because the brains are physically different. The numerous neuron leads from the clit would have no analogous connection in a male brain.

Still I would love to be able to experience, even once, what a female orgasms feels like. Perhaps via a Vulcan mind melt males and females could experience what the other feels? While I am dining at the Y, I could tell exactly what she likes most. Some say tracing the alphabet on her clit with your tongue avoids repetition. Perhaps it’s certain letters in a pattern that might work best? Say U, I, I, Z, T, H, J, L,V, N, I, I, O, X. Research is needed.

I Will Fear No Evil

by Robert Heinlein

The current reviews of this 60-year-old novel are not kind. This is typical.

Yikes. One of the worst books I’ve ever read. Horny old man gets brain transplanted into horny young woman, who happens to be his secretary (after she is murdered.) And then her spirit happens to stay in the same brain, so there are TWO of them in there. Then he/she goes and gets pregnant using the old geezer’s frozen sperm. They spend the entire book either kissing or screwing EVERY ONE of the old geezers business partners, security guards, or spewing non-stop cutesy-wootsy, icky sweet, double innuendos within their own brain. 
I wonder if the reviews would be kinder if the ages and or the genders were changed? The current reviews mark the content as creepy. I disagree of course.


I Would Not F**k Her

If it’s popular, I will probably not even know about it. Going way back the Boss never had any appeal for me. Nor did the no talent Michael Jackson. No video games. No Batman, etc. Bacall and I are not mainstream. Heck, we are not even on a channel leading to the mainstream.

Not Fuckable, Not Spankable

If I were looking for women, my choices would be exceeding slim as I am picky, real damn picky. If Bacall asks me about a woman my reply might be I would not fuck her.

Examples? Anyone that looks Kardashian with pumped-up lips. They seem to be a lot of them, I am not interested in any of them. I would not fuck anyone with ink or piercing. Evidently, I am racist, as I am only interested in white women and not many of them. The skin color of Scotch-Irish and Ukrainian women are attractive to me.

Then there is body shape. Well, my body shape is an hourglass with a few  minutes added, so I would not be attractive to women with the shape I prefer. So no use in going there.

I cull most women just on appearance (just as women do men). All that before I even know anything about them.

While I am on this, may as well say that I am turned off by any of these in spanking:

Door mat submissives
Blacks, Asians, Japanese School Girls
40-year-old cheerleaders being spanked for being late to practice
Unnatural hair colors
Most things BDSM
Ridiculous British School Girl, Airline Hostess, etc. uniforms
Judicial Punishments
Slippers and carpet beaters
Calling every F/F spanking lesbian

Where did we jump the track?

FLR and Submission

Many animals, including bees, hyenas, and elephants, live in female-led societies.

A lot of men want an FLR. Nothing wrong with that. The best boss I ever had was female. She not controlling, she led.

The men I read about on spanking blogs and in stories want to be spanked for bad behavior. I can’t understand a woman desiring to be around a man who was always misbehaving. [Of course, some women stay with a man who abuses them] Wanting a hot bottom is one thing. Purposely annoying your mate to get spanked is – well, you come up with your own word for it. 

Imagine that year after year you do the same things to annoy your wife and then hand her a spoon to correct your behavior and relieve her stress. Is it role play or is the woman dumb as a doorknob to think she is doing anything positive?

Some women also want to be held accountable for their behavior and punished when they step out of bounds. In my experience most women are genuinely trying to improve and don’t misbehave just to get spanked – but some do. And geeze are they annoying.


The Worst President Of My Time

I have not said much about Biden. But, I will today. He is the worst President of my time. He beats out Jimmy and Hussein. He has appointed people to office that seek to control the economy and the people by any means available. He was born a Buffon and aging has not helped him.

We are viewed as weak by all other countries. China and Russia will take their punches. I expect the Ukraine to be taken before February 23.

I will not bother listing all the mistakes he has made. The list is too long. Here are two articles from the Wall Street Journal that express my views better than I could express them.

Friday Conglomeration

I mentioned last month that eyeballs on OBB had declined to record lows. Between Christmas and New Years’ readership went to record highs. I don’t pretend to understand.

This post could be tagged as potpourri, but conglomeration seemed to fit better. Just some images that have accumulated that have no relation to each other.

In my quest of finding pictures for you degenerates

Our idea of spanking fun

I would like to know the back story of this

College Dorm Fun

More College Dorm Fun

You have to be really old to recall this strip




Remote Sex

Women have sex on the brain just as much as — if not more than — their male counterparts.  Researchers have identified the brain region linked to genital touch in women, finding that it is better developed in those who frequently get steamy between the sheets.

As part of the research, the female volunteers — between ages 18 and 45 — had their clitorises stimulated while their brains were scanned using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).

For stimulation, a small round object was applied above the underwear at the level of the clitoris. The device was vibrated eight times, for 10 seconds each time, interspersed with 10 seconds of rest.

Researchers asked the female volunteers how frequently they had had sex over the past year.

The results of the imaging confirmed that the somatosensory cortex region of the brain was activated in each woman when the device vibrated. The researchers then measured the thickness of that brain area — finding it was more robust in the female volunteers who reported having the most sex.

“We found an association between the frequency of genital intercourse and the thickness of the individually mapped genital field. In other words: The more sex, the bigger the region.

In another article, the small round object was revealed to blow air on the clit. So your hot breath on the clit could led to orgasm. No one told me.

In yet another article, the small round object was shown as a pair being offered for sale at the Las Vegas sex show. They are remotely controlled so lovers at a distance can stimulate each other.

Spanking machines can be remotely operated, so you can paddle then stimulate to orgasm your love in Boise while you are in Kansas.