Found, Our Oldest Paddle

I thought I had put our oldest paddle – the one Bacall put in my stocking our first Christmas together – in the Jeep for the trip. I wanted one paddle handy for spur-of-the-moment bottom warmings when we were on a Jeep trail.

I could not find it on the trip. When we got home I removed the five containers in the back of the Jeep that hold self-rescue items, emergency camping supplies, etc.  It was not there.  I wondered if it had somehow gotten in our Toy Bag. A bag we once carried to parties, but now holds toys we don’t use, but can not part with. In the bag, I found this paddle.

We have no memory of this paddle. I did not make or buy it. So it must have been a gift, but from who?

The last place I looked was the toy drawer in our bedroom dresser. And there covered by other toys was our red paddle. We promptly tried it out. It was not as fearsome as I recalled it. Not even close to Teachers paddle, the one in the middle. [Bacall’s fav light paddle is on the right]

It was good to find it. I am sure I have recounted this story before. This was the paddle Bacall put in my stocking.

After a while, she broke it on me. I did not have a workshop in our early marriage, so I bought another one and glued them together, and painted it red. Ho boy did the extra weight give a hot bottom.

This is a paddle a cyber friend recently made. I can not tell unless I hold, or better feel, if a paddle will be thuddy or stingy.  Is the spankee supposed to gain respect for the paddle or the spanker?

Adm note: I can’t figure it out 2 or 3 people signup as followers every day. But page views are one-third of what they were two months ago. That was when we were traveling and I was short of time and bandwidth and quit posting five days a week. Now back to more regular posting but eyeballs are still off. Maybe WordPress changed how they count?

7 thoughts on “Found, Our Oldest Paddle”

  1. Finding it was like Christmas all over again I imagine? Glad it turned up. The small Spencer type OTK paddle seems similar to the kind Dana Specht was often photographed using, except hers usually had slightly larger holes.

  2. Daddy and I accidentally left our first (and favorite!) wooden paddle at a cabin we rented once… I always wondered if whoever found it put it to good use. Could have been quite the surprise for some lucky wife or hubby!

  3. I made so many paddles over the years that I lost count. Used so many varieties of woods , crafted various lengths and widths. Different finishes and colors. I even made paddles out of lexan, corian, and once I fabricated an aluminum one. Ask me where they all are now. Not a clue.

    We’ve got the stupid 24” wooden ruler we’ve been using.
    Go figure

    About the WordPress counting system.
    Rumor has it that Dominion software is now being used.

  4. The Fli-back is just like Mom’s. Different printing on Mom’s though, but that same 1/4 in plywood. Old Mrs Parker next door loved hearing the scream of us kids when Mom went on her psycho warpath, beating every bottom for “who cares what”.

    Our bottoms got a lot less paddling once she got her Valium Rx… Didn’t the Stones have a song about that?!?!

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