Covid and Us

Covid has not affected us in any significant way. We did not travel in 2020, but that was due to health issues, not Covid. We don’t have much in the way of social life in our new town. Covid cut that to zero for us. I lost my weekly bridge and her women’s group went to Zoom. 

This year, we spent five months on the road getting as far north and west as Montana. Then the heat dome engulfed us. We spent two weeks in an RV park just so we could have AC. 111 is hot. We then hopped scotched south to New Mexico pausing on every mountain to to escape the heat.

Some places were masking, others not. It really did not bother us. Most of our human contact was at grocery stores. We stayed with friends in several places. We did meet a new spanker and enjoyed playing with her. We found that Dems were more worried about Covid, but then they are more worried about everything.

We are not much on eating out except when the offering is something special. We found several New Mexican style restaurants in southern Colorado and northern NM. They were all only using half of their tables, so they were not crowded. Two were open-air as they allowed the air to flow through the in-door seated area. Probably normal for them.

We seek out of the way places to camp so the multitudes of RV travelers did not bother us much.  

3 thoughts on “Covid and Us”

  1. Covid has turned where I live upside down. Lockdowns, vaccine mandates, masks, fear, crime, hypocrisy

    I am not saying it’s all a hoax by no means. I lost my brother to Covid early on. I am saying it’s been poorly handled.

    Let’s just hope it’s over soon.

  2. Any virus mutates. So far the fear has been that each mutation is worse. The happy case is that it can mutate itself out of existence. It will not be the last virus.

  3. Fortunate the Omicron is less severe and the mRNA vax with booster remains at 95% effective.
    Reading that Omicron while easily spreadable is far less severe than original and Delta viruses. Many, even those choking on anti-vax propaganda are faring better with Omicron. Zero deaths and only 1 hospitalization, as of a source today.

    Sounds like fun, the Road Trip. On to more important details, did you or Bacall get spanked by the side of the road on the adventure? Witnessed by birds and perhaps squirrels?

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