12 thoughts on “Flashing”

  1. Just once I’d love to see a woman in a supermarket like #4.

    I’d go shopping every day but

    Actually I’d live to see them all!

    1. What I like about the flashing shots is that it shows that women have more fun in than than men. I don’t care to see men flashing, but nothing comes to mind that compares.

    1. …wear little baby doll dresses like this with no panties……drove my boyfriend WILD.
      Speaking for a lot men, we loved such. Bacall would tell me when we were out “I forgot my panties” knowing how that would affect me.

    2. Nora, I would bet you still look damn fine in a baby doll dress, and if you decided to post a pic like #3, we’d all vote it #1!

      1. Smiles. You are too sweet! While I don’t post pics of myself on WordPress, I will admit to still having one tiny dress like that in my closet…. 😉

  2. #5 and #6, tough to pic one over the other.
    5 is having so much fun and the way her bottom waggles when she wiggles it is a winner.
    6 love the pantyhose bottom, however would have preferred they would have been sheer.

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