Back in the day, I always wanted to see what toys the woman had – the ones she had self spanked with. Then I would let her feel them with my hand. Belts and straps were popular.

It stings more when wet

9 thoughts on “Strapped”

    1. They are swinging strong for sure. To me, a strap is kinder, than a wood paddle. Have to say when topping you don’t want to disappoint the gal. If she wants it hard you give it hard. Or take a pass on playing. I have gone both ways.

      1. Interesting to know on the strap intensity Bogey. I’d have thought opposite. Admittedly, I don’t think I could take those big paddles like the teacher’s or principal’s.

        I prefer the thin ones, with less thud and more sting.

  1. The first one. You just have to live the jiggle from the force of that strap. Amazing how she holds that position.

    If you’re going to give her the strap, give it good and hard.

  2. In many cases leather hurts less than wood. Has a warmth to it that’s comforting. I’m always secretly happy when he “takes off his belt” because I know I won’t get the wood! But shhhh, don’t tell him, he thinks “taking off his belt” is the worst possible thing 😊

  3. It’s been going on for decades around here. When I pull my belt through the loops she goes mmmmm. Then “corrects” to Ut Oh. Shameful hussy that she is.

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