7 thoughts on “Callipygous”

      1. Thank you for sharing these pics! Hope you two had a lovely Thanksgiving. I am back home and trying to get caught up on reading the blogs that I follow 🙂

  1. #5 has such a muscular pair of glutes, I’m positive her bottom could take more than my hand could dish out.

    #6 I have to believe is a fantasy that our gracious host & hostess have brought to life in their adventures, knowing their passion to travel around. Driving down a backroad, not remembering any oncoming traffic and nothing in the rearview mirror; time to pull over, pull down [or flip up] and have some outdoor spanking fun!

    1. We have done that a few times. More times off-road. I am guessing this was taken in England. Bacall’s legs are not quite that long. Whenever I see a gal over 5’10” I stare. They are rare birds.

  2. # 5 got me thinking. Thank goodness for cotton skirts… clothes dryers… and High-Heat settings, huh?

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