The Wood Paddle

I mentioned in September that readership had dropped. Then it recovered.  Last week readership dropped precipiously. Like down by 2/3! WTF!

This is an old one. It popped up in my feed the other day. Since it’s one of my all-time favs, I thought I would share it.

“Mom” knows how to deliver a stingy bottom.

Here, you will need this.

I recall being paddled at school in this position

And then the fun began

8 thoughts on “The Wood Paddle”

  1. Oh, I feel for the wife getting a sound spanking whilst camping. The grimace on her face in pic 3 says so much about the state of her pretty behind!

    I also like the pic of the woman about to get her full, mature bottom spanked with the holes paddle!


  2. Some fine paddlin’ shots there Bogey. For some reason #6 drew my eye. Guess ZZ Top was right ’cause every girl crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man’!

  3. First one is my favorite. Works for me on so many levels.

    I wouldn’t worry about readership. It’s that time of the year people start getting into holiday things taking up their time.

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