Get Those Panties Down

I occasionally read a spanking forum and note the comments from men about the proper position of women panties during a spanking. The majority desire the panties around her ankles or off. Others want them off her bottom or to her knees. It seems they believe the lesson will be quickly learned if the panties are off.

Well I don’t teach lessons, so all that I bull to me.

As usual, I have another mind on the subject. I always start spanking over her panties. I have a panty fetish. I like to see her in her panties. Back in the day, when I went to parties, I know the women spent a lot of time selecting panties to wear at the parties. They often changed several times a day. Sometimes to set a desired mood, other times to accommodate a man’s taste.

I take the panties down when I am ready. Just off the bottom is fine. The bottom will be completely exposed so I see no need to pull them down further.

You would want take these panties down?

4 thoughts on “Get Those Panties Down”

  1. No I wouldn’t… they’re much too pretty. I seem to have developed an attraction to admiring the spanked female bottom beneath a pair of sheer panties or even pantyhose anyway 🙂

  2. For me, I like the psychological melodrama of being “in the role” as an unwilling spankee, and thinking at least I get to keep my panties as he spanks in deference to my modesty, and then the horrible realization that no, I was so naughty that they will be lowered after all.

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