Men Getting The Paddle

How about some pictures of men being paddled for a change?

This is dedicated to a certain young lady who enjoys paddling men.

An oldie of Heather paddling John. Not something I would like, but a lot of men would.

This is silly. She is dressed like a school girl to give a paddling! It would not work for me.

This school teacher look would work for me.

5 thoughts on “Men Getting The Paddle”

  1. Ah yes, Kelly Payne. Actually from Staten Island ,NY.
    Experienced her first hand. It was exhilarating. She’s small but packed a wallop.
    Know what you mean about her voice. I believe I once described her voice to you as a cross between Jersey Shore and an ex-wife.

  2. The school uniform would work in a UK historic, fee paying, school setting. In the good/bad old days, Prefects, older students promoted to a position of responsibility over other students, would often be delegated to hand out corporal punishment. This only ever happened in the posh schools though, never the state schools


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