Biden and Nothingness

The revolution devours its children. And like clockwork, the progressive mob has set on K y r s t e n Sinema.

Her refusal to bow to the left’s price tag and timeline has incensed colleagues and activists alike. So the party member has now officially been declared an enemy of the party cause—fair game for the tactics the left long ago honed for use against the right.

“We’re committed to birddogging” Ms. Sinema, vowed Our Revolution Executive Di- rector Joseph Geevarghese to Politico this week. “We’re going to make her life unpleasant or uncomfortable” until she follows orders.

Until she follows orders!

9 thoughts on “Biden and Nothingness”

  1. President Biden was dealt a bad hand by the Trump cabal. He is only ten months into his presidency, so lots of things can change. I have heard on Fox News that he is being blamed for the pandemic now. You can’t blame foreigners from wanting a better life; America has stood for the Beacon of Liberty and Freedom for centuries. This kind of ignorance only serves to fuel division. You, Bogey, are part of the problem and not the solution. Know that and think about it carefully. What goes around comes around. BTW, no more foreign wars. I know you must be disappointed.

    1. We have long suspected that the conservative mind is CHILDISH. You cannot even give me a responsible answer because you don’t have one. You won’t get you own way; you will not destroy the American dream.

      1. Pardon me pal. You did not address a single point in Mr. Henningers’s article. You just made some unrelated statements. So why would I bother debating anyone that is not on point? And for what reason did you choose your screen name after two men who made the Great Depression worse?

      2. What exactly is that dream ? The progressive , liberal way or no way at all?
        Childish conservatives? I can still hear your side crying over Hillary.
        As bogey said, come up with better arguments other than “orange man bad”

        BTW, why would you waste your precious time on what here is obviously a conservative minded blog. Go play games with your liberal friends.

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