Legs Up

Here I go again.

Wanna Be Doms imagine that humiliation plays an important part of spanking. They think the legs up position has to be the ultimate spanking position to induce humiliation.

Bull Shit!

I have never found a woman to be at all humiliated by having her legs held up. If the man does it just to have a peek, I think he is the one who should feel humiliated. He should be focused on ensuring the spanking is to her needs not in having a peek. I have heard from too many women about men they played with that were far more interested in sex than than spanking them.

I like the position as 1) It allows me to have eye contact with her. 2) She can see the paddle, cane etc. descending.

A clever and unique piece of furniture

5 thoughts on “Legs Up”

      1. LOL… I have no fetish in that direction either, which is why this position feels so humiliating! Plus, the kiss of the strap between my legs REALLY hurts! I can’t believe you know women who enjoy this position.

  1. from a woman who almost never comments publicly …I have had a legs up spanking… his idea.. (way back) but I didn’t find it humiliating in the least bit, in fact the opposite.

  2. I don’t get where the diaper association comes from other than through repetitive association on the internet. Putting my wife’s legs up for sex is fun for both of us. There is an erotic vulnerability for her, which isn’t the same as humiliating. If I back off from intercourse and spank her, same position, same vulnerability, same close eye contact and admiration of her thighs. Changing diapers is very far from our minds.

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