What Are You So Afraid Of?

Many spankos live in fear of being discovered. Some even resist saying the word spank and substitute TTWD. It must be a burden to carry around so much guilt about what they relish doing or would relish if they could come out of their shell.

Spanking is not illegal. In fact, if you told your vanilla friends that you liked spanking they would say You call that a kink? Spanking is mainstream. You don’t think so? Browse Vanilla Spanking and see how many plays have spanking scenes.

This is from a guy who is on the extreme end of paranoia about being found out. On a spanking forum, his name is E and his icon is Alfred E. Neuman.

… you will find that I am steadfastly anonymous, and private about my spanking fetish in all walks of life. My wife and I are licensed professionals, and letting the cat out of the bag concerning this thing we do could and probably would spell professional doom. This aspect of my life has to remain strictly compartmentalized and in the closet. Also, my wife is too private to participate on the forum, even anonymously. But I mention her incessantly because she is the most important aspect of my spanko marriage. I wish I could get her to participate, but it just is not going to happen.

Licensed huh? Bacall was licensed. I had a security clearance for years. We met well over 200 people who were like us. Never had any fears.

Adm note: We will be home in 2 or so weeks. I will be able to get back to posting more frequently and with more pictures for you lecherous sorts.

6 thoughts on “What Are You So Afraid Of?”

  1. Have to agree with keeping it private. No one needs to know. Besides over the years I’ve managed to discover more like minded spanking individuals quite by accident.
    I’ve have more problems these days keeping my political side hidden.

  2. I have been there so I sympathize with those not wanting to share. Hell, up until a few months ago my wife and I had never talked about it with each other. We are still working out how this works for us, but we are settling in. I should provide an update on where we are now with this aspect of our lives.

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