Strick Julie

Strick Julie may be the most popular spanking blog around today. At least among men. She recently wrote that her blog will be more about her being submissive. Maybe, but what stands out to me, is her being dominant.

She seems to be able to press every submissive male hot bottom, some that I did not know even existed. It’s remarkable to me that a female sub is able to function so exquisitely well as a female dominate.

She is a good writer, but sometimes goes a little too long for me. Politically we are aligned. I like that she takes on the liberals and trounces them. I suspect she has studied the law. For a Canadian she has a firm grasp of the American political system, so she has studied US Constitutional Law.

But let’s talk about spanking.

This is a picture Julie posted that was supposed to be her. Quite delectable. I would like to see a few more and I would be assured that it is her.

In a recent post, she and her sister Sue paddled David. Julie introduced a new character, Amanda, as her sister’s new roommate who came along to watch.

Well that’s a hot scene to me. After the paddling David is sent to his room and Julie later rheems him with her dildo. Well if that’s what he likes. Me? I am into more immediate gratification. No waiting.

I understand that since her sister is lesbian acts of hetro sex would be off the table as being offensive to her.

Here’s how I would change the scene. First, I would play David. Bacall would play Julie. Bacall’s best friend Beth and I would paddle Bacall.

Then they would paddle me. The finale would be that Bacall bends over and I plant my flag in her and feel her hot bottom on my thighs. Beth and I would then play “May I have another” until I was close to squirting when she would place a finger on my rosebud to cause me to have a few extra spasms.

I realize this might be a good ending for Bacall as I would be so hard a cat could not scratch it and I might be done before her. Simultaneous orgasms are great, but sometimes it will be all about one person.

Sequel: Bacall would not object to my having my way with Beth, but some time, perhaps months, even years she would pull that arrow from her quiver and I would bleed. Best that Beth have her own partner. With four in the mix, Beth could be paddled by Bacall, her partner and me.

3 thoughts on “Strick Julie”

  1. Good story….

    I’d only change one thing. Instead of being so hard a cat could not scratch it,
    I’d say I was so hard I could have broken a glass window with it.

    Eliminate the possibly cruelty to animals.

  2. Ha ha! Thank you for the callout!

    I know I can go on a bit long on some posts. I think it reflects the fact that the blog is as much about me spewing for my own mental health as about folks reading. Compromises must be made 😉

    There are in fact lots and lots of photos of me on my blog, you just have to look harder. There’s even a video of me spanking my husband (, and one of him spanking me (

    Fans say their most favourite photoshoot of me is the shower scene in

    The videos were A LOT of work to edit.

    With photos, I’m in my forties now, and maybe a tad more self-conscious than I used to be? Maybe that’s why I posted this stuff, so I can tell future generations what their Great Aunty Julie used to look like 😉

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