Corner Time

I have never been a fan of corner time. I saw this image and it made me think this could be a whole different take on corner time. Not my cup of tea, but I know it is for some guys.

Admin stuff. We are still in areas where a hot cell signal is a luxury. Plus our bandwidth allotment for the month is about gone. So this may be the only post for the week.

PS Readership is down by 20% in the last two weeks. You find something better. I saw Bonnies recent list of new spanking sites. I was not impressed.

10 thoughts on “Corner Time”

  1. I really like this. I really like the idea of her riding and using the crop on me.
    One of my best sessions ever was years ago when I was making love with my partner and she had a crop in her hand and started whipping me hard to spur me on. It felt great and we both had a great explosion. Later on, I was surprised to find that my entire backside was bruised. lack, and blue, the only time it ever happened. I was surprised that a crop could do that! of course, she wasn’t using a dildo, but the image brings up that memory.

    1. Our crop was made to be used on horseflesh. The shaft has a stiff plastic rod underneath the leather. So it would make for one mean cane. Of course, only the leather tip is meant to be used. Used aggressively it makes quite an impression. Black and blue could be achieved. It can also be used to tap-tap the most sensitive parts.

  2. I wouldn’t take the readership decline seriously. It’s been over a holiday weekend, kids are going back to school, and other kinds of changes. It has nothing to do with your site
    oh, and I did look briefly at Bonnie’s update. None of those sites interested me enough to bookmark.

    Keep up the good work. We appreciate you!

  3. You know looking at that woman sitting there with a crop and strap-on ready for action I say to myself , sure, I’d give it a go.
    Never had a crop taken to my bottom and the thought of getting that dildo after getting a few with the crop is intriguing.

    You only live once.

    I would get worried over the slow readership lately. The weather outside now is just perfect for other activities.
    Minds are elsewhere.
    Spankings/paddling pick up again once it gets colder.

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