13 thoughts on “Callyipgous”

  1. Lovely!
    Callyipgous bottoms bared in the outdoors always have a special place in my heart. They represent being playful. And spankings? To me, while they sting, they too represent being playful.
    Nice collection!

  2. Lovely… but, somebody already beat you to the fourth one it seems. Of course, it took me a while to get there because of the third one!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous bottoms! The one wearing the black lace bodysuit with jeans…that really takes me back. I had something like that, only the body suit wasn’t see through. I had no idea how good I looked in it (as a teen, I thought I was fat…like most teenage girls). Good lord, I see those pictures now and wonder how my parents let me leave the house… 🙂

    1. You should have seen the black wide mesh swimsuit Bacall bought in her 40’s. It left little to the imagination. She wore it when we raced the sailboat. The other guys were paying more attention to her than their position on the starting line.

  4. I got interested in the origin of the word and expect to find a slang origin. Actually used it last century. But here’s what I had not expected: Etymology
    From Ancient Greek κάλλος (kállos, “beauty”) + πυγή (pugḗ, “buttocks”) + -ous

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