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  1. Where has all of the sex action gone in New York City? I spent a wild three years living and working there in the 1980s; the action was still centered around 42nd Street and Broadway, and no lie, I rode the subways at midnight on some of those Friday and Saturday nights. I remember two of the places, Show World, and Peep Land where I met Nikki, a beautiful Puerto Rican girl with a gorgeous little behind. Rita Moreno type. She came to my home in Brooklyn a couple of times, and I seem to recall that I spanked her on occasion. She was a doll.

    1. For the most part the internet killed the majority of the sex business in NYC.
      There are still many private clubs but the are full of “less trusting types” or full of the “diverse” society.
      Times Square wasn’t what I’d call a prime time sex spot. You’d pick up more than just a blowjob if you engaged with someone you’d find there.
      That crowd anyway was moved out to the 34th street west side when Disney cleaned up Times Square in the 90’s.
      However, now thanks to the mayoral leadership of NYC , Times Square is once again back to its original crime ridden, shootings, drug dealing paradise it once was. Complete with sex partners of any flavor.

      1. The Mind’s Eye: I met several very attractive college-age girls with bright minds at “Peep Land”. Easy way for them to make good money especially on Friday or Saturday nights – all day, in fact. Long-term leases on some of the buildings in the area is one reason it took a long time to clean it up. Show World was there the longest, I think, but I moved away in 1987. Shootings at Bryant Park while I was there. Wild times and good memories.

  2. Reminds me of high school, those nylon gym shorts would slide up and down so fast, perfect material for flashing and mooning.
    Front came down just as easily, wonder if there’s a term for dick flashing… Like “mooning” for a butt flash.

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