The material is piling up. I hope you enjoy this mash up.

I scored 68. A few I would allow but have no interest in, so I disallowed them.

Whatever breaks the gal will be pleased

Coming soon on your network

We have seen six of these early publications

3 thoughts on “Potpourri”

  1. Have to agree with Nora, no duct tape and no camcorder. Who’d the hell would want to see my old ass.

    Photo #5
    I don’t actually think she’s cheering. I think she’s telling him to hold the sheet in front of him to cover his shortcomings.

    Last photo reminds me of a similar old joke.

    Guy walks into a crowded local bar.
    He shouts out “ I’ve got a 45 in my hand with a full clip and one in the chamber. I’m want to know who’s sleeping with my wife”
    A voice from the crowd shouts back
    “You’re gonna need more ammo!”

    Photo #7

    If that woman runs for political office they’ll use that against her

  2. Barely broke into the “Naughty” grade.

    The illustration: would love to see this for gangbangers. Would love to watch “The Caning Channel” with a cold beer and spicy buffalo wings. Wait for it… Wait for it… All those bleeding hearts calling me cold and heartless for not trying to understand the urban thugs…

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