I don’t think I will ever understand the attraction of an anal hook

I find these Girl Guides outfits a bit odd.

You want to be spanked by a Girl Scout?

Basements, equipment rooms, etc. seem to do double duty as dungeons.

Birthday party? You suppose alcohol was in anyway involved?

You pull her skirt up and see this

Would love to know the story about this

4 thoughts on “WTF”

  1. Have to say.. that’s a fine looking anal hook!
    Bday party pic…had to do a double take.. thought she had pulled an exorcist… face and bum… not the same person 😉

  2. LOL… I love an anal hook! There is nothing quite like having your wrists cuffed behind your back and attached to your anal hook… that is a very effective way of holding a naughty girl still 🙂

  3. I believe photo number seven can only he described as an “Ass Clown”

    As for that anal hook, I’d love to go fishing for an eager woman with that.

  4. The ring at the end of the hook looks like it could be used for attaching a tail, so when the panties are on, it can look like a proper tail (extension of the tailbone) instead of the tail coming out of the wearer’s butt.

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