The Strap

Post frequency may be down to 3 or so a week for a time. I am still traveling. I am lazy and the cell signal sometimes suxs.

I accumulated several images of leather straps and I share them with you. So for you pervs who have nothing better to do.

This one is from Devlin O’Neill’s site

This is the strap that Naughty Nora feels

May I have some more

Always liked the shots of hair in motion. Sorta of an exclamation point.

I always liked high waisted skirts with wide belts. I would readily bend over for her.

2 thoughts on “The Strap”

  1. You’re suggesting there’s something better to DO than oogle red feminine fannys wiggling madly around after a taste of the leather? Pray tell what that might be, friend Bogey?

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