I consider this to be the prefect spanking photo. Why you ask, since there is no nudity, no red bottom, not even a spanking toy in the picture. Well folks, I don’t need a high degree of specificity for my mind to imagine what could be.

She could have posed herself like this knowing that when I found her, I would spank her for a long time.

I could have told her to get her panties off and get ready for a spanking. And she did, but she playfully put her pantyhose back on after taking her panties off.

Either way or another way, this tame picture is a great image to a long spanking.

PS, I have always liked half-slips.

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4 thoughts on “Perfection”

  1. Some serious work ahead for her spanker, that slip needs to be flipped up, the pantyhose taken down and her panties lowered. Although, the panties usually follow the pantyhose in my experience.

    What I do not see is a cane, which is fine. I’m not a fan. De gustibus non est disputandum.

    Speaking of pantyhose, the ladies do not seem to wear it much these days. I suppose with legs waxed or lasered, they are comfortable in their bare legs.

    1. Theo, this is my perfect spanking picture. I always like to start on lingerie and Bacall is of the same mind. We are never in a hurry. I always start with my hand.

      1. You and Bacall have developed your own winning formula, which is great.

        I like things mixed up, so I don’t know what to expect. The “not knowing what’s next” adds to the thrill, excitement and sex following. Ours were in a pattern for a bit, I knew exactly what was coming and when. Now she really mixes it up, which adds to the overall fun and mystery.

        And yes, spankings like sex and roasts, should never be hurried. Take your time, do it right, be playful [reminds me of Bacall’s sass post] and when it’s all done, kiss and reaffirm your love for each other.

  2. I am really excited by pantyhose. I always found that I could caress their inner thighs with no friction and then work up through their sensitive areas. I’ve been like to turn them over and start with a paddle over the pantyhose. Then, pull that layer down, continue with the paddle, pull off their panties and if that point I would usually let my fingers wander a bit before spanking them on the bare. I was never surprised with my partners that I didn’t need any additional help in getting them off before starting back with the spanking again.

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