Spanking Benches

Spanking benches are always a hit with the ladies. If there is anything they like more than spanking, it’s bondage and spanking.


9 thoughts on “Spanking Benches”

  1. I’ve never had the pleasure of using a spanking bench. There is a BDSM hotel that I would like to stay at some time…it has one and a St. Andrews cross. Would be a lot of fun 🙂

  2. We built our own. #3 and #4/5. Can that guy you live with use hand tools? Bacall did the cushions on #4/5. And you can see it works fine. #3 is like a table with restraints. Something about not wanting holes in the DR table.

  3. There’s something about this last picture that’s especially appealing to me, although the fifth one with the lass being worked over with the cane has much to recommend it. She seems to be enjoying herself and her reddening cheecks show that this hasn’t been a gentle session so far. If I were holding the cane I would think it would be time to increase the action a bit.

  4. Fun collection and fun theme Bogey!

    Need to start with a thank you to our lovely hostess Bacall for her personal share. I recall this pic posted before. Should she be inspired to share more, would love to read a story from her POV.

    Having never been “restrained”, I can imagine the thrill and excitement while the spanker is securing the shackles.

    #5 is a pretty lass with the thigh-highs and lovely bottom any spanko adores. But her smile moves it from a pic to an illustration and fun story.

    Last pic, #8 has so much going on too; naked and in a stock in the middle of a construction yard lot? On display as though she’s being humiliated while likely loving it. And her luscious bottom is just waiting, anticipating what’s in store…

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