There are 47 Images in the Spanked folder. Here are the first dozen.

Another “bra” spanking

Getting the cane in a hotel room

Classic Little Debbie

I got Bacall drop seat PJ’s once. Had footsies and puppy dog design.

Mom is not happy, daughter is less happy

Another Mom/Daughter

I really like her facial expression. This makes me recall when. I would try to put some butterflies in a gal. It never worked. They were always up for whatever evil I tried to conjure. This image is from Gloria’s Garden.

Some wag captioned this one: I have to say that I like the color of your bottom cheeks, Mom. I want you to stand in the corner while I think about giving you a second dose with your own hairbrush

I don’t think there is enough head room for me to stand on this set.

Another PJ spanking. She may have footies.

Lets get those panties down

That’s a wrap. Until next time.

One thought on “Spanked!”

  1. #9 has a really great story, she is fresh up from laying across her spankers knee, headed over to mirror to get a visual of her spanking. The spanker is smiling with satisfaction of delivering a solid round 1 warm-up spanking and the fun of spanking that beautiful bottom more. Round 2: Paddle? Hairbrush? Wooden spoon?

    Great start to a theme Bogey, ready for the next dozen in the folder whenever you post them!

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