Another From Where It All Started

I was a late blooming spanker. While I spanked gals from around 15, it was never something I set out to do. It just happened. I have blogged about this several times and will not take up your time again with it. See Memories if you are interested.

In my 20’s I was all about spanking. I saw an ad from this lass who was seeking a spanker. I wrote her an audition letter. Regretally by the time she got my letter she had already found a man, but sent me a nice reply anyway.

6 thoughts on “Another From Where It All Started”

    1. At this distance, I can not recall the publication. I think it was nothing more than a few sheets of classified ads. It was before the web. About the same time, or maybe a little later Shadow Lane had classifieds.

      1. In the old CompuServe days, there were chat rooms for the BDSM crowd. Many of them were spankos only. Or many that I met would be a better qualifier.

      2. I would have LOVED to have seen these magazines. The internet is great for ease of access, but I’ve always preferred holding something in my hands…

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